It is no coincidence, 
that you have found yourself here today.

Like it is no coincidence, 

that we have been waiting for you to find us..

You are curious to discover more about Tantric Massage?

However, the more you search

The more of an enigma it feels to you.

The more questions go unanswered...

So What is Tantric Massage?


It is a ceremonial ritual to tantalize your senses,

Completely experiential and 

To feel embodied, alive and activated.

Ignite your sexual vitality,

Feel connected with your heart and life force energy

It's deeply nourishing and sensual.

Touching and honouring 

Not only your entire body

But your souls essence as well.


Tantric enlightenment to reignite your entire being 


Our Sessions Offer Healing For:

Those who are struggling with sexual vitality

Anyone who has been feeling disconnected from themselves

Those who have been lacking a nourishing, loving, sensual touch and are wanting to receive this intimate touch of worship, adoration and honouring from an experienced therapist who knows the powers that this experience holds. 

People who are wanting to find a more potent and satisfying way to experience pleasure in the body

Perhaps that visual overstimulation etc has made experiences lack lustre, deeply desiring to be shown what is really waiting inside when you are receptive and when your body is opened in an honoured way.


Stress and tension release as this is a powerful nervous system reset focused on deep breath and shifting your internal state through your pleasure

People who have lost their excitement and aliveness within themselves and want to to awaken the spark within, the twinkle in the eye and know that this begins first with the relationship you have with yourself and your body

Women who are wanting to connect deeper to their bodies, feelings and sexuality

To explore deeper intimacy and pleasure, expand your horizons of what sensuality can be like

Completely let go and surrender, fully receive conscious touch

Trust and be held in a loving and non-judgemental space

Be free to express yourself and your sensuality

Feel the Invigorating Power of Tantric Massage

Tantra has its roots in ancient India, and its history is lost within the past centuries. This form of sensual and erotic massage introduces you to new worlds of pleasure and relaxation. It has gained significant popularity over the past few years and nowadays there are many professionals dedicated to this special art of the senses. Why should you experience Tantric Massage in Melbourne? Well, this is one of the most intimate pleasures you will ever experience, and it is worth trying out at least once in your life… till the next time, of course!

Benefits Deriving from Tantric Massage

One of the most important benefits you get from tantric massage is without a doubt the absolute feeling of relaxation. You experience utter serenity and tranquillity all around, as you let go and feel your muscles relieved of all the stress and anxiety. This is a perfectly soothing massage session, which will both stimulate and relax your senses.

This form of massage constitutes the epitome of pleasure, as it allows every single inch of your body to feel satisfied, complete and rejuvenated. As your body gets the special care it is entitled to, you will feel ecstatic, and the chances are that your pleasure levels skyrocket. There is nothing wrong in treating your body exactly the way it deserves, right?

You do not need to worry about special problems that you may have experienced sexually in the past. Issues like premature ejaculation are typically resolved with the active contribution of Tantra. You will learn how to appreciate intimate orgasmic experiences, giving your body the time it needs to feel the ultimate pleasure.

This massage is stress-freeing, and it enables you to remain calm and down to earth at all times. It is one of the best ways to relieve the stress of everyday life, as you let go and surrender to the prevalence of your senses and desires.

There are many other benefits directly associated with tantric massage. You improve your overall health and especially your breathing system, while you also feel more self-aware and appreciate life in its details. Rather than stressing over petty things, you get in contact with your body and mind in a wonderful blend. With the conscious touch of an experienced therapist and with all the attention drawn to you and your needs, this massage turns into a true revelation.




"Morning Tamara, I just wanted to say thank you for your service yesterday afternoon. You were exquisite in every move you made. I really appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed my time with you. Thank you for seeing me. Terry x "


""Hi Tamara, I just wanted to tell you after our session, I could invoke body orgasms with just a slight  squeeze breath . What words can I use to explain the after effects of our session? Full is hardly a descriptor. Thank you you beautiful soul. Beautiful woman!"  

"G'day Tamara, I'm still buzzing from our session and would love to see you again soon so I can buzz some more. I look forward to more moments like the ones we shared. The whole 90 minutes from beginning to end was just amazing and I have thought about it many times since. Thanks again for everything"


" I’ve never written a review for ANYTHING, but the time I spent with Tamara and Tranquillity was so beautiful that I had to write this. Being my first tantric experience, I couldn’t be any more thankful that it was with these two beautiful women. What I received was beyond anything I had expected. Electrifying pleasure in places I did not even know I could feel pleasure in, an outpouring of repressed and disowned parts of my sexuality, and a deep, profound kind of healing. This wasn’t just a massage, it was an experience in self-discovery. Tamara and Tranquillity, thank you for this gift x"


'Again thank you so much. I feel so relaxed and calm. Mind, spirit and body'

Last night was epic and delicious .. So glad we connected.  Thank you .


"Tranquility sure is fully engaged'"


 '"Again thank you so much. I feel so relaxed and calm. Mind, spirit and body'"

"Just wanted to say Tranquility was beautiful. She respected a boundary of mine and I would love to see her again"

Thank you so much. It was really nice meeting Tranquility. It was meant to be"


'Absolutely amazing experience thank you so much for meeting me Tranquility, will definitely be in touch very soon'"


"Tranquility was amazing."