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To feel inspired connected and embodied

Earthly delights for the body and soul

Tantric Massage in Melbourne


Dear Sacred Seeker...

You are curious to discover more about Tantric Massage

The more you search

The more of an enigma it feels

The more questions go unanswered...

So What is Tantric Massage?

A ceremonial ritual to tantalise your senses,

Completely experiential and 

To feel embodied, alive and activated.

Ignite your sexual vitality,

Feel connected with your heart and life force energy

It's deeply nourishing and sensual.

These Sessions Are Great For

Those who are struggling with sexual vitality

Feeling disconnected from themselves

Those who don’t receive much nourishing, loving, sensual touch from a woman and know the power that this holds and are wanting to receive this intimate touch worship honouring

People who are wanting to find a more potent and satisfying way to experience pleasure in the body

Perhaps that visual overstimulation etc has made experiences lack lustre, deeply desiring to be shown what is really waiting inside when you are receptive and when your body is opened in a honoured way


Erectile dysfunction

Premature ejaculation

Stress and tension release as this is a powerful nervous system reset focused on deep breath and shifting your internal state through your pleasure

People who have lost their excitement and aliveness within themselves and want to to awaken the spark within, the twinkle in the eye and know that this begins first with the relationship you have with yourself and your body


Learn the Art of Touch


Offering our unique heart-centred Tantric sessions in Melbourne, now online.

We are a collective of experienced and talented tantric therapists, offering our unique take on Tantra and sacred bodywork. We have a plethora of experience in a variety of sensual healing arts. We continue to widen our knowledge and skills in sacred sexuality and somatic bodywork. We strive to hold a safe and well-held space, acknowledging all expressions and experiences of sexuality.

Completely feel and receive the gifts of deep devotion, divine sensuality and heart-centred presence.

During this time, connection does not need to be compromised. Deepen your journey in self-exploration and self-love, enrich your understanding of sacred sexuality and find new levels of intimacy within. 

Tantric Online Sessions with Gaia are accessible throughout the week. Please book an appointment via email.

Offering online sessions and packages are available to help become a more Masterful Lover and a Sensual Rose.

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I had a session with Aurora and it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. Little I knew about Tantra and lingham massage, but I decided to give it a try. I was very nervous at the beginning but she really knew how to hold me and to make me feel safe. The experience was nurturing, caring, exciting and full of pleasure. I left reinvigorated and with the biggest smile.
It's a very powerful experience and Aurora really journeys you lovingly throughout it. Very recommended!

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