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About me:

Hello, I’m Delilah. I’m originally from Perth and after spending a few years in Tasmania, decided to make the move to Melbourne. I’ve been here for four years and now call this city home. 


Years ago, after I broke up with my long term boyfriend, I had a major spiritual and sexual awakening. I quickly saw how the two were intertwined; how my spiritual path and my sexual liberation journey are one and the same. 


This realization sparked an insatiable curiosity to learn about all things spirituality and sexuality, so naturally I soon found myself a part of many sacred sexuality and Tantra communities. This lead me to pursue my own journey of sexual healing through somatic sexology and tantric massage and in turn, I soon became a practitioner myself. 


Values I hold close in regards to my work are consent education, prioritising pleasure, and being trauma sensitive. I have had the honour of working closely with many folks, including both men and women, and my clients always inspire me beyond belief. It is such a joy to witness someone stepping into their sexual blossoming at whatever point they are in their lives. 


I have a strong passion for working with women or vulva owners in particular. Female sexual energy is the most powerful force on this earth and also the most repressed. Sexually aware and assertive women are focused, motivated, energised and empowered. It is very hard to control or manipulate a sexually liberated woman and this is what the world needs more of. I have worked with young women, young mothers and older women as both a sex coach and a sexological bodyworker, guiding them to locate their authentic sexual expressions. 


I am still on my own journey and learning so much about myself everyday. I hope it’s always this way. One of the reasons why I love learning about my sexuality is because it’s never ending... and there is no goal I need to reach. It’s a constant unraveling and un-conditioning; a path I am very grateful to be on and even more so to be a guide for others. 


So, this is me, living my life of soul. In constant pursuit of pleasure. 


It would be an honour for me to hold your hand as you, too, make your own way.


With love,


Delilah x

Delilah smiling
Delilah hands on her tummy
Faceshot of Delilah