Meet our GaiaLoveTantra Tantric Goddess
Works from St Kilda Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11.00am till late

About me:

Hello lovers, I’m Lucy. I would love to share with you a bit about myself so you can vibe me out and get to know me more intimately. I’ve recently relocated to Melbourne from sunny Brisbane, love what this beautiful city has to offer so far. I have been pleasantly surprised how connected I feel to the people here already and can’t wait to see where the universe takes me here.

Professionally I have been working in the art of seduction, sensual touch and foreplay for over 5 years now, to be honest this has been a lifelong love affair with sacred sensuality and it's only growing more intense. Our most basic, fundamental 
instinct has been made to be something that is taboo and dirty and I am here to change that however I can.

Lucy smiling
Lucy Figure

Sexuallity is a word that has been taninted from an out of balance in the Earth’s (gaia) divine feminie/masculine energies. But as we move into the age of aquarius these energies are being called to find communion, that is why places like Gaia Loves Tantra are so important as we heal together through practices like tantra, breathwork and meditation.

What a session with me looks like can wildly vary but the core essence is that you are seen and felt completely. Your boundaries and requests are honoured. I use sound therapy tools including my voice to shift stagnant energy and reiki to clear blockages through the chakra system. What I offer is healing at its most potent moment the magical place between release and surrender.

The organism is multidimensional and has many layers. The most beautiful thing is everyones is as unique as they are. Discovering yourself has never been more fun or wholesome than learning with tantra.I can't wait to show you the parts of yourself you didn't know existed or you haven't heard from in a while. It's pure magic I promise you.

Honoured to hold space for all earthlings Tuesday and Thursday 9am-9pm from St Kilda

Love + Light
Lucy xxx



"Lucy was absolutely amazing! Loved every second of it. She was bubbly at reception, breathtakingly beautiful, and has an amazing personality. I am DEFINITELY coming back to see her. Id  like to book 2 hours next time please"


"Lucy is amazing. She absolutely blew my mind. I look forward to booking with her again soon"

"Lucy is warm and kind hearted. She has a calm presence and demeanour that will make you feel  relaxed and confortable. She has a gorgeous athletic body but soft skinned physique. A true beauty, mind, spirit and body"