Meet our GaiaLoveTantra Tantric Goddess
Offering a Tantric Sensual Massage from St Kilda Fridays 11.00am - 7.30pm
About me:

Dearest Sensual Seeker, 


Have you ever wondered if there is more to pleasure than what porn portrays? Don’t get me wrong porn can be fun and stimulating, but it gets a bit repetitive and boring right? How about orgasim? Surely there is more to this then, at max, a few minutes of explosive, contracted pleasure! How about the whole pressure of not ejaculating before your partner otherwise both are left unfulfilled. Or performance anxiety? Or how about when it just becomes another box to tick on your to do list? There is a little saying within the sacred sex community; ‘how you make love is how you live life.’ So if you’re experiencing the above in the bedroom, how are you experiencing life? 


I have spent the last 4 years delving deep into the sacred arts of sexuality, I have participated in wild group self pleasure rituals, temple nights and journeyed far into the cosmos while on my search for the transcendental experiences that one thought only possible ingesting magic plants. This journey, that I am forever cultivating, has taught me how to truly love myself. I have learnt the magnitude of my sexual energy and how to surrender to its wisdom, so I may discover the Great Mysteries of life with myself, with partners & nature. Through these experiences I have also learnt the interconnectedness of our sexual and spiritual nature, and the keys that access these states of consciousness. This is absolutely my non-negotiable when relating with an intimate partner even when in the short term! 


During a session with me I will transmit to you how to become an embodied tantric lover for yourself and for whom you are connecting with. You may rediscover wild parts of yourself that have been in exile, in this space with me, the wild is welcome and encouraged. Each session you will drop deeper & deeper into your body's wisdom guiding you to your orgasmic potential. Now, if that is how you make love...imagine how you live life! 


I have a 4 week online training and will be offering in person transmissions once restrictions ease. 


With Warm Love, 

Ocean xx

Ocean in nature reveling in the sun
Ocean poolside and backside praying hands
Ocean in the water hands praising at her head


"Yesterday I was lucky enough to have a wonderful tantric experience in the hands of Ocean. She is a gorgeous sensual, intelligent woman who knows how to engage at the most intimate level and transport you to a magical place far from the everyday world. I have experienced a number of beautiful tantricas over the years but none better than Ocean who was able to create an orgasmic session in which our bodies and minds were in complete harmony- a truly beautiful thing. Thank you Ocean, I am looking forward to next time"

"Just wanted to thank Ocean for our time together in our last session. I felt so honoured and seen and it brought up things for myself that I didnt realise I was needing to deal with. Thanks for a beautiful connection."

"Many thanks again to Ocean, and I will forever be grateful to you for showing me this experience."