Continuing the connection, continuing the love.

Yes, there is a pandemic. This means limiting contact but this does not mean limiting connection and support.

What an opportunity to reevaluate our own needs, desires and values. With the current affairs, it can be scary and uncertain times yet also very exciting times. An opportunity can emerge in chaos and by letting go our usual routines and our default ways of living, we can embrace the changes with love, presence and deep trust. What are you hoping to grow within yourself? What passions and interests have you ever wanted to pursue? My favourite... what are all the books and arts you've always to do but never really had time for. Now is your chance to explore in your own space with the time you have always wished for to curiously find what ignites you, what inspires you, what sparks you and how to come back to love - even in the midst of anxiety, isolation and the uncertainity. Come back home to you. How do you feel deeply in your heart in this moment; whether it be joy, sadness, hurt, anger, fear - just embracing it all, our Humanness.

As you transverse into your inner worlds whilst lighting a candle of hope during these times; reflect, imagine and dream a new world into existence. All is possible. Creation, destruction and rebirth - the ebbs and flow of nature. How can we return to our wild and innate nature? This is your time for exploration.

To support this, I am offering online guided tantric sessions to help support anyone during this time of change. What a session may look like depends on your needs, what you are desiring to explore and your intention. There is space to allow love and presence to emerge. It is deeply nourishing to have someone to express with and to openly relate. It is creative, intuitive and an absolute journey of your body, mind and senses. You will be guided by my voice and I will draw from my experience and wisdom in Tantric teachings, my own journey in healing and Sacred Sexuality work. It is divine space holding and deep support. This can be enriching and helpful during these times of isolation and social distancing. Please reach out and see how these sessions can help support you to cultivate connection and come back to love.

Yours warmly,


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