The Erotic Collective - Melbourne

Gaia Love Tantra is a collective of erotic and sensual beings; introducing to you Tamara and her gorgeous friends Alexa, Natasha, Serenity, Jade, Sia and Cara. We are all experienced and talented Tantric Goddesses with embodied knowledge in creating intimacy, healing sexuality and techniques for premature ejaculation. We create ritual space, where we take things slow, create intimate connection and whisk you away from your busy life and any lingering pressing thoughts. We offer our own delicious take on tantric massage and divine eroticism. It is a deeply devotional form of erotic massage and is effectively therapeutic. You will feel the bliss from the session many days after. It is amazing to be seen and touched in a way where your divinity just flows through. It changes you profoundly to receive pleasure in such a honouring and sacred setting. You will feel lovingly held so you can completely surrender and let go. We dedicate ourselves to liberating sexuality and sensual embodiment. It is a way of life for us to breathe joy, pleasure, freedom and deep connection into ourselves and into the world. Our intention is to connect your heart with your sexuality, unleashing deeper levels of pleasure. We like to practice ejaculatory choice, not control - if you wish to practice holding your seed and sublimating, we can support you on this journey. If you choose release, it can aid with letting go of stress. Either way you will continue to experience waves of orgasmic bliss all over your body. It is about the entire experience, from beginning to end. ​Not only do we have a wide range of experience in tantric massage, we all come from diverse massage backgrounds. We met one another all by chance on our own individual journeys of the sexual arts. We found working together gave us more time to relax, gave us a sense of support with plenty of play buddies for double sessions and it benefited our clients greatly to know that we are reliable in what we offer. We all work independently from our own private studios in St Kilda. In this field, we lovingly support one another and together we are beyond experienced. We pool our skills together, learn from eachother, share, and continue to find mastery in pleasure and relaxation. Our clients know they can experience quality, heart centred presence and variety in our sessions. Allow yourself to be woven into a captivating spell of beauty, love and allure. Sexuality and pleasure is not a one size fits all and it differs from how we feel and in each moment. Let us welcome flow, presence and play. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you into the sacred temple. With Love and Grace, Tamara x


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