Meet our lovely nurturing therapists- Tamara, Serenity, Natasha, Alexa, Jade, Cara and Katia

Hello all, Now that we are back and into the full swing of things again, I wanted to take a moment to introduce myself (to those of you I haven't met yet) and to our amazing team of incredibly nurturing therapists. So first of all, kia ora- I'm Tamara!

Originally from NZ, I'm a Maori/Kiwi girl living in Melbourne with my 14 year old Jack Russell dog, Nu. A lover of connection, people, and sensual touch, tantra has given me the opportunity to combine my love for all of those things. Since discovering Tantra, it has helped me learn things about myself and grow in ways I never thought possible. Tantra has changed me in profound ways. It has taught me to really value myself. It has taught me to really value others. It has taught me to naturally seek the divine in others which has enabled me to be more compassionate. It has also allowed me to be more patient, to be more caring, to be more loving and to be more aware...aware of myself and aware of others.

I speak openly and honestly when I say absolutely LOVE what I do and the benefits of these practices. Tantra has become a way of being. An awareness of life, of beauty, of divinity and of love. It is something I am extremely passionate about and something I absolutely LOVE sharing with others.

So, I've been a part of the Gaia Love Tantra team for almost a year now... and what a year its been! Over the past year, we have said hello and goodbye to a quite a few amazing therapists. Gaia left us first, leaving a massive gap in the hearts of many. Then shortly after her departure Electra followed suit too. Then we had the lovely Violet join us for a little while, who found her dream job elsewhere and moved on... We welcome Delilah to our team for a while who we then lovingly released when she decided to head interstate to be closer to her family. Then came along and left the amazingly sensual Lucy, boy did she add value to the lives of many. And we couldn't ever forget the beautiful Raven who came and touched the hearts, souls and bodies of many too! And ever so briefly, we had the stunning Savannah come and go... It has been a year! So... having paid tribute to the lovely therapists who have been and gone as of recently, what I'd like to do now is introduce you all to our current Gaia Love Tantra Goddesses. Our team of exceptional beauties who some of you have already had the pleasure of meeting. So let me introduce Natasha...

Natasha is our Euroasian beauty. Relatively new to the team, she is a lover of all things sensual. Natasha has a real knack for making you feel like the most important person in the world. Indulgent, sensual and decadent, Natasha is exremely skilled and experienced. She is currently working every Wednesdays and Sundays and has been in very high demand since joining our team, so booking her in advance in highly recommended

Next, meet Serenity...

Serenity is our gorgeous mystical South African mixed Aussie goddess. A lover of dance, her body and movements are mesmerising to watch while she is in action. (Thank goodness for all the mirrors in the room!) With a feminine feline like energy, she is quite intoxicating. No stranger to the art of seduction, Serenity has her own special way of intuitively knowing what your session should consist of. Serenitys days and hours vary each week so if you would like to meet her then keep an eye on our rosters page and book her in advance. You wont be disappointed! Our next gourgous goddess up for you to meet is the beautiful Alexa...

Alexa is our most experienced Tantric goddess here in the Gaia Love Tantra team. She has been with the team the longest and is an avid lover of all things tantra. Alexa is a skilled professional in holding space. Trained in yoni mapping, she is also our only therapists who is able to offer this service. She is extremely skilled in holding space for people who are wanting help to cope with sexual dysfunction, enabling those who come to her for her assitance, a space where they feel safe, seen and held. Alexa only works during the week, however her work days change from week to week, so keep an eye on our rosters page if you would like to lock in some time with this loving beauty.

Moving onto our next introduction, meet our earthy french goddess-Jade...

Jade is a lover of all earthly delights. Sweet, alluring and nurturing, our french goddess has been practicing tantra for quite some time now. Jade loves connection. So much so that she only offers b2b massages after you and her have formed a connection. She has many regular clients who absolutely adore her and upon meeting her it becomes evident why. During yours sessions with her, her presence is unwaivering. Her touch is loving and her heart is very clearly open for you. If you would like to meet Jade, then send us a message as her availability varies. Next up we have the lovely Cara...

Cara is one of our newest members to join our team of empthetic lovelies. Relatively new to the world of tantra, Cara found herself naturally drawn to this as it felt like something she had a real calling for. Empathetically loving with a beautiful nurturing touch, Cara has hit the ground running since joining the team and she is looking forward to accepting bookings on her own shortly. In the meantime she is thoroughly enjoying doing discounted training doubles with our other therapists allowing her to gain the expeirence, skills and confidence she needs in order to own the room on her own. If you would like to experience the beautiful nurturing touch of Cara and another therapist (at a heavily discounted price) then we would suggest you keep an eye on our rosters page to see what days Cara is working. And last but not least, we would like you all to meet our beautiful exotic Katia.

Another exotic beauty haiing from a land far away called Latvia, Katia is our newest goddess to join the Gaia team. Katia initially came on board as our admin goddess, but has since found her curiosity to be piqued as she has learned more and more about tantra and what tantra entailed. Luckily for us (and you!) she has decided that she is now ready to join us as one of our therapists. Katia will be offering heavily discounted training doubles for a while as she gains the expereince and confidence required in order for her to hold space for you all on her own. If you would like to meet Katia and experience a training double with her and one of our other therapists, then check out our roster page for her availability. She is looking forward to getting her hands on you all! So... that will be it. A quick introduction to our current tantric goddess of Gaia Love Tantra. If you would like to arrange some time with any of these stunning beauties then please check the roster and send us a text. We would love to connect with you all. Till then, stay safe, be kind and go with love.



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