Website updates, therapist profiles and an offer for up to $25 off your next visit.

Hello my loves.

We hope that you are holding up ok during these time. Things have been significantly quieter for us here during lockdown, which has given alot of our therapists a much needed rest. It has also given us the time to work on our website and our general online presence too which has been great for productivity.

You may have noticed a few changes on our website. We designed the beautiful golden lotus logo you see above and have added it to our website. We chose this beautiful feminine symbol as it has long been regarded as a symbol of enlightenment, purity, rebirth, and triumph over obstacles. We felt it seemed to fit beautifully with the general intentions of what we do. We also chose the colours white and gold. Gold, as gold is also known to symbolise love, wisdom and magic, all traits our therapists possess in their own ways. And white- as white is know to sympbolise purity, fresh starts and new beginnings. Things we felt very fitting to us.

We have also managed to update our website with individual profiles for almost all of our beautiful therapists too. Each profile is beautifully written by the therapist themselves so you can get a feel for them through their own words. We have included a few more photos on each profile for your viewing pleasure and reviews for those of our therapists who had reviews. So, if you havent already, head along and read more about our all of our beautiful therapists now.

We would also like to increase our online presence on google and for this we are requesting your assistance!

We are offering a 25% discount ($25) to the first 10 clients who are happy to post a positive

review about their experiences with us or any of our therapists on google . (To do this please cut and paste the link - - into your web browser) . Once posted, send a screenshot of your google review to us via email or text and we will be sure to offer you a $25 discount off your next visit. We would like to just point out, that google doesnt have the option to post a review anonymously.

We understand that discretion is important for many, so we are also happy to offer a $10 discount to anyone willing to text or email in a review for our website. These are able to be posted to our website anonymously. If you would like to do this please include your therapists name, your experience and anything else you would like to share or add. Please ensure your review is at least 250 words long. We look forward to seeing you again soon and hopefully reciveing some wonderful reviews from you all


With love

The Gaia Love Tantra Team

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