Thanks Gaia. Our time together was very special to me. This was the biggest step so far in my personal journey.
I think life is all about new experiences and connections with people. There are no different kinds of connections- some are deep and long term, some are long term but only shallow and some, like our time together, are short but intense and vital.
It was so nice to meet you. You are a wonderful woman - beautiful, intelligent, genuine, very skilled at tantric massage, warm and giving but also playful.

Gaia's transformative effects on her own life and sexual awakenings, she knew that this is something she was born to share with those whom seek the magic and ecstasy of life.

Aurora is amazing. An explorer of life, a deep well of sincere love. She is also a true expert, a student of anatomy, eastern philosophy, physiology, spiritualism and much else. What she does is wonderful, and not easy to describe. It must be experienced.
There is love all around us in this world, if we're tuned in enough to feel it. Aurora has learned to gather this love, project it and focus it, like a prism does with light. She perfectly navigates the misty line between body and spirit. Talking with her is a joy, and her smile is magnetic. She creates a happy, healing bubble of love.
When you meet Aurora, be totally open. Trust her completely, and listen. She instantly understands emotions and desires, and is totally non-judgmental. You won't want the conversation to end. But there's more. Her healing touch is that of a skilled masseuse - I didn't mention my sore shoulder, but she found it easily and fixed it. Her sensual touches are indescribable. She is an artist, you are the art. Imagine an orgasm that swirls around and around inside, building until you can (literally) feel it in your fingertips (and everywhere else). I will never forget Aurora's magical eyes.

Hi Cristalina,
Just wanted to say a big thank you for this morning's session, it was truly remarkable. It has been a very positive and professional experience from initial inquiry to meeting you today and especially grateful for being able to see me so early in the day.
Thank you

Jade, thank you for being so open to spirit, sexuality and adventure.
​A significant personal moment for me which I won't forget for a long time.

Initially, I was unsure whether to book a session and take my first step into a new world. I asked for a little more information from Ocean and I immediately made up my mind to go ahead as I received her response.
What convinced me? Her reply that I would only need to bring myself and be open to whatever happens. This is such a simple sentence, but it proved powerful to me as it gave me the strength to let myself go and have believe in her.
The session itself started with a discussion on what I want to achieve. Ocean patiently listened to me, and more importantly, she never judged me for what I said.
Then comes the massage. One thing that came to me was that I felt so much energy throughout my whole body, but especially both of my hands. I wasn't sure what to do as I've never experienced such thing before in my life, but Ocean was there for me throughout the session.
In the end, Ocean has managed to break my shield. I was able to just be myself, knowing I'm in a safe environment, having someone who would hear me and never judge me for being who I am. It is such a privilege to be able to experience this. I can never thank Ocean enough for it.
For others still contemplating, I don't claim to know your situation. But if you're financially able, I would most definitely recommend a session with Ocean. I finished the session not feeling like my battery is recharged to 100%, I felt like I was at 100% and then given extra batteries to reach 200% that I never knew I had in me.
Many thanks again to Ocean, and I will forever be grateful to you for showing me this experience.

Gaia, one of the most beautiful human beings I've encountered
I know there has been another review of her only a few days ago, but I would like to add my own to further encourage the poor souls who are on the verge of trying out SM to get their asses up, pick up the phone, and book a session with Gaia before she leaves.

My views on sensuality and sex have gone through many positive changes in the past few years through encounters with some very open minded and beautiful women and men, lectures, and books. I had the typical male perception of goal oriented sexual view where everything was focused on penetration and reaching the climax. Thankfully, the perception has gradually shifted towards that of any sexual activity should be all about enjoying mutual pleasures, and doing so not by trying to make my partner orgasm, but to enjoy the journey with every touch and every expression. The shift in perception helped me greatly with my sex life, but I was (still am) very inexperienced and oftentimes a total fumbling idiot.

Late March 2016. I've booked an hour with Gaia, and it was my first SM experience. I cannot remember what got me decided to see her, but it was a decision that further expanded my sexual beliefs and awaken new senses in my body that I did not know existed.

The first impression of Gaia was that she is very beautiful, confident, sexy, and cheeky. Her melting voice and delivery is very extremely sensuous, and I wondered 'would she speak like that going to a dairy (​NZ shop)?'. Jokes aside, I love listening to her, and her voice and whispers are in sync with her graceful movements. At this point, she was the embodiment of sensuality, and felt almost impenetrable because she was way too sexy (is that even possible?)

As the session began, she proceeded to engulf me with ultimate expression of sensuality. It is there and then I learned that a real sensual massage is not a massage. To categorise it a massage is somewhat misleading, as it involves perfect control of her touches using fingertips, hands, arms, breathes, tongue, breasts, and the rest of her body to tease and tingle my senses from head to toe. She touches you in ways that sends electricity through your body parts that you are not normally attuned to such senses.

As she worked on my body, she turned from the embodiment of sensuality into that of both sensuality and selflessness. Her caresses seemed to focus more on my scars and flaws in my skin, giving so much attention and love that is beyond just skills. It was a heightened level of intimacy she shared that is very unique and beautiful. My eyes were fixated on her beautiful body throughout the session thanks the well placed mirrors, and from the attention she gives you it was clear that she loves her work and is truly passionate about it. The passion probably has a lot to do with her giving and loving personality. Everything she did, helped me feel a very profound connection with her.

I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day. Her service was a statement in sensuality.

That was my first encounter with Gaia. After a couple of failed bookings (because I did not call early enough), I've finally got to see her again yesterday.

The session was more amazing than I remembered, and she had a few new moves that I did not see in our first meeting. I won't go into details here and I am sure she is full of tricks that will surprise me many times over. Again early on from the session I couldn't stop smiling. Not only that, I think mid session I actually bursted out laughing because she knew exactly too well how to press the right buttons to take me to heaven and back. Again I returned home happy as ever and I've got to know her a little better.

Gaia is very well traveled, rich with many different skills and hobbies, and the depth of her knowledge and wisdom will surprise you in any topic you decide to talk about with her. She is passionate about experiencing and learning from every facet of life, and it is just a pure joy to meet a lovely lady full of character and charms.

Gaia is love Gaia is life.

I had a session with Aurora and it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. Little I knew about Tantra and lingham massage, but I decided to give it a try. I was very nervous at the beginning but she really knew how to hold me and to make me feel safe. The experience was nurturing, caring, exciting and full of pleasure. I left reinvigorated and with the biggest smile.
It's a very powerful experience and Aurora really journeys you lovingly throughout it. Very recommended!

Cristalina was amazing!
Her calm presence instantly put me at ease. It was a beautiful and divine journey in the entire experience. She is truly a master bodyworker and knew where I needed touch. I completely surrendered and felt so held in the session., I felt energy run through my body and I just laid there enjoying the bliss. Thank you for nourishing my soul!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to have a wonderful tantric experience in the hands of Ocean. She is a gorgeous sensual, intelligent woman who knows how to engage at the most intimate level and transport you to a magical place far from the everyday world. I have experienced a number of beautiful tantricas over the years but none better than Ocean who was able to create an orgasmic session in which our bodies and minds were in complete harmony- a truly beautiful thing. Thank you Ocean, I am looking forward to next time.

​I have been meaning to write a review for Gaia for months now, but struggle to find the words. I have been lucky enough to see her quite a few times in London and - even more memorably - in Berlin. She is utterly stunning, with a husky, sexy voice that quickly puts you at ease as you start to unwind.

You cannot take your eyes off her perfect, olive skin, her raven hair tumbling onto her shoulders and that alluring, beautiful body. The atmosphere in her room is always serene, with gentle music, soft lighting, incense. Her massage is exemplary - a wonderful, sensual touch and caress. You seem to merge together after a while as she sighs and whispers entrancingly, like a siren. Every sense feels heightened and she uses silks, oils and scents to elevate the experience. All this would be perfection, but she is also fantastic company too, with tales of her latest exotic adventures from around the world, music or foods to sample. But when the time is right those twinkling eyes sparkle and her cheeky, naughty side comes out and perfection just gets better.

​Without doubt the worst thing about spending time with Gaia is that her love of travelling and her home means that her trips to Europe are so rare these days. Please come back very, very soon!

I had a standard massage a few weeks ago and the masseuse had been training in reiki and highly recommended that I try this, so I went home and jumped on google, as you have probably seen there is a number of alternatives out there.
In all honesty I had no idea what to expect, I've had a number of massages in the past and experiences have been varied from fantastic to what a waste of time and money.
Something about this site made me make contact and make a booking. That was definitely a great decision, to say I walked out a much better person would be an understatement.
I had the pleasure of a 90 minute session with Ocean, being the first time experiencing this I could not have asked for anyone better. Not only did she explain everything, she listened to everything I had to say as well.
I'll definitely be booking another appointment to see ocean when she is back in Melbourne.
Once again thank you...

Gaia's presence and touch helped me find a place where my mind shrank to a tiny speck in an ocean of pleasure. Such healing space to know and return to!
Look forward to seeing you again soon!


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