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Please note, Gaia is no longer in Melbourne.

Morning Tamara, i just wanted to say thank you for your service yesterday afternoon. You were exquisite in every move you made. I really appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed my time with you. Thank you for seeing me. Terry x

G'day Tamara, I'm still buzzing from our session and would love to see you again soon so I can buzz some more. I look forward to more moments like the ones we shared. The whole 90 minutes from beginning to end was just amazing and I have thought about it many times since. Thanks again for everything.

Hi Tamara. I'm still on cloud 9. It was so great to meet you and I really enjoyed the space we shared together. I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon 

Hey Tamara. All I can say is WOW. Thank you for taking me on such an incredible journey. So rarely do we stop to be truly in the moment, and you were really there in my moment making me feel like I was the most important person in the world. You have definitely earned yourself a repeat client. Thank you again and I look forward to our next session together xxx

Thank you so much for todays session Tamara. That was so much fun and was exactly what I needed after the week I have had. I will be seeing you again very soon. I look forward to it x

Thank you Tamara for the amazing session we enjoyed together this afternoon... Im floating on bliss xx

Hi Gaia, I had a wonderful time yesterday. I was at a loss of words. The whole experience was quite overwhelming for me. I had a smile on my face through the day and I did spend my time introspecting. Thank you so much for a spiritual journey.


Dear Gaia,


I hope you are enjoying some deserved time off.  


Thank you for coming into my life in 2020. You have had such a profound and positive impact on me where I will always have a special place in my heart.


I feel you have unlocked a side of me not explored and I’m eager to see where this new path may lead me.


Since I last saw you I feel I’ve made some really positive changes in my life and I have renewed purpose and clarity of who I am and where I am going.


You are an amazing person like no other I’ve met before and I am so grateful I have and you choose to spend sometime with me.

Happy New Year to you, I hope 2021 brings you love, peace, healing and purpose. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Lots of Love

Gorgeous Gaia thanks so much for sending those through for me to look at. Can I also thank you so so much for today and I feel blessed I have found you. I’ll be honest that i did nearly cancel today as I do/did worry about how my age/body image might be a barrier for both of us. Thank you for making those worries go away. Never before have I felt as respected and calm in your presence as I did today. You are an amazing and loving person who takes her clients to a higher place letting them feel worshiped and fulfilled all along the journey. You have definitely spoilt me when it comes to perhaps considering going for a massage somewhere else (I won’t!!). Today was the beginning of a journey for me: healing, growth, acceptance of where I am in this universe and importantly, revering the person I am and not what I was made to become. I’d be ever grateful if you would lead me on that journey and revere you as well.

Many thanks again to Ocean, and I will forever be grateful to you for showing me this experience.

​Yesterday I was lucky enough to have a wonderful tantric experience in the hands of Ocean. She is a gorgeous sensual, intelligent woman who knows how to engage at the most intimate level and transport you to a magical place far from the everyday world. I have experienced a number of beautiful tantricas over the years but none better than Ocean who was able to create an orgasmic session in which our bodies and minds were in complete harmony- a truly beautiful thing. Thank you Ocean, I am looking forward to next time.


Hello Gaia,

what I experienced was really out of this world. Not sure how many life's have you touched. Definitely mine is the one. Time spent today was one which I am going to cherish  for long. You asked me how I felt which I could not answer you then. Now I am able to gain my senses and I can say it was blissful.
when I first booked the session and until I was outside the door,  was clueless and was even anxious as to what i am going to experience on the other side of it. Believe me the time spent was worth every second. Only thing which is coming to my mind right now is " wish could have spent some more time. Thank you and will meet you again for sure.

Hello Gaia, 

I wanted to thank you for the session on Wednesday. In the time since I have felt wholly lighter, I feel like my eyes are wider, I am standing taller and I am seeing the world in a far more positive way, the way that you are able to move energy is nothing short of amazing. You worked a type of magic with your body and energy that I will not soon forget. Naturally, this was my first experience of something like this so to have it be with someone who radiates such love and kindness was incredible. I will be booking another session very soon, so I look forward to reconnecting with you then.


With love,


Gaia's presence and touch helped me find a place where my mind shrank to a tiny speck in an ocean of pleasure. Such healing space to know and return to!

Look forward to seeing you again soon!

Thanks Gaia. Our time together was very special to me. This was the biggest step so far in my personal journey.

I think life is all about new experiences and connections with people. There are no different kinds of connections- some are deep and long term, some are long term but only shallow and some, like our time together, are short but intense and vital.

It was so nice to meet you. You are a wonderful woman - beautiful, intelligent, genuine, very skilled at tantric massage, warm and giving but also playful.

Gaia is the magic healer of stress... beautiful inside and out.

​Thank you for your patience.

You are truly a Goddess Gaia. Thank you for giving me one of the most amazing experiences... never felt so much energy running through my body. I know words cannot express what I felt, you were just wonderful!

​Hey Gaia, 

Thank you so much for a wonderful evening on Friday! I floated my way home afterwards wondering how it is I'd been living my life with such tension and anxiety about expressing myself. I can't even put into words how much this experience has changed my perspective and given me encouragement to find my confident and happy self again. I'm so very grateful for your caring and understanding.

I'm really looking forward to seeing where this journey can take me, thanks for the info!

​Good morning Gaia. I had the most deep sleep I've had in a long time. Thank you so much for last night. The care and control you had made for an amazing experience. I've never felt such a build up of energy though my whole body and then release before. I didn't know something like that was even possible. You're such a kind spirit too, really enjoyed your company. I'm sorry I didn't even get to say good bye properly! I was in too much of a state of bliss!

Hi Gaia,
Just want to say thanks for seeing me yesterday. It was a pleasure meeting you as you are clearly a kind soul.
Once again, thank you and I will be back.
Take care

Just wanna let you know that you gave me the best sensual experience ever. I never had this done to me by any woman l had in my life. Even though mine where generally long term relationships l have never experienced this incredible intimacy without actually having sexual intercourse. I felt more fulfillment by the way you honored my body and flesh in such a sacred way l needed not do anything more. It was beautiful.

Thanx Gaia. X

Gaia, one of the most beautiful human beings I've encountered
I know there has been another review of her only a few days ago, but I would like to add my own to further encourage the poor souls who are on the verge of trying out SM to get their asses up, pick up the phone, and book a session with Gaia before she leaves.

My views on sensuality and sex have gone through many positive changes in the past few years through encounters with some very open minded and beautiful women and men, lectures, and books. I had the typical male perception of goal oriented sexual view where everything was focused on penetration and reaching the climax. Thankfully, the perception has gradually shifted towards that of any sexual activity should be all about enjoying mutual pleasures, and doing so not by trying to make my partner orgasm, but to enjoy the journey with every touch and every expression. The shift in perception helped me greatly with my sex life, but I was (still am) very inexperienced and oftentimes a total fumbling idiot.

Late March 2016. I've booked an hour with Gaia, and it was my first SM experience. I cannot remember what got me decided to see her, but it was a decision that further expanded my sexual beliefs and awaken new senses in my body that I did not know existed.

The first impression of Gaia was that she is very beautiful, confident, sexy, and cheeky. Her melting voice and delivery is very extremely sensuous, and I wondered 'would she speak like that going to a dairy (​NZ shop)?'. Jokes aside, I love listening to her, and her voice and whispers are in sync with her graceful movements. At this point, she was the embodiment of sensuality, and felt almost impenetrable because she was way too sexy (is that even possible?)

As the session began, she proceeded to engulf me with ultimate expression of sensuality. It is there and then I learned that a real sensual massage is not a massage. To categorise it a massage is somewhat misleading, as it involves perfect control of her touches using fingertips, hands, arms, breathes, tongue, breasts, and the rest of her body to tease and tingle my senses from head to toe. She touches you in ways that sends electricity through your body parts that you are not normally attuned to such senses.

As she worked on my body, she turned from the embodiment of sensuality into that of both sensuality and selflessness. Her caresses seemed to focus more on my scars and flaws in my skin, giving so much attention and love that is beyond just skills. It was a heightened level of intimacy she shared that is very unique and beautiful. My eyes were fixated on her beautiful body throughout the session thanks the well placed mirrors, and from the attention she gives you it was clear that she loves her work and is truly passionate about it. The passion probably has a lot to do with her giving and loving personality. Everything she did, helped me feel a very profound connection with her.

I couldn't stop smiling for the rest of the day. Her service was a statement in sensuality.

That was my first encounter with Gaia. After a couple of failed bookings (because I did not call early enough), I've finally got to see her again yesterday.

The session was more amazing than I remembered, and she had a few new moves that I did not see in our first meeting. I won't go into details here and I am sure she is full of tricks that will surprise me many times over. Again early on from the session I couldn't stop smiling. Not only that, I think mid session I actually bursted out laughing because she knew exactly too well how to press the right buttons to take me to heaven and back. Again I returned home happy as ever and I've got to know her a little better.

Gaia is very well traveled, rich with many different skills and hobbies, and the depth of her knowledge and wisdom will surprise you in any topic you decide to talk about with her. She is passionate about experiencing and learning from every facet of life, and it is just a pure joy to meet a lovely lady full of character and charms.

Gaia is love Gaia is life.

​Yoni Experience - Women's session #1
Thank you sooo much for yesterday!
I slept like a baby and I didn't even watch the meditation you had given me. I came home, showered and slept. I felt so relaxed. It was so wonderful! I told my friend that recommended the session about you and she is bummed she comes after you leave but I guess next time you are in Melbourne she will come.

Thanks again! I'm soo going to recommend you to everyone I know! The whole serving and surrender thing got me!

Yoni Experience - Women's session #2
Hey Gaia. Just want to thank you again for yesterday for providing a beautiful session for my wife. You've definitely left an impression. She wouldn't stop talking about it hehe

Thank you for today Gaia. It was an absolutely lovely, eye opening, emotional experience. Loved it! Best wishes for your upcoming travels.

Aurora is amazing. An explorer of life, a deep well of sincere love. She is also a true expert, a student of anatomy, eastern philosophy, physiology, spiritualism and much else. What she does is wonderful, and not easy to describe. It must be experienced.

There is love all around us in this world, if we're tuned in enough to feel it. Aurora has learned to gather this love, project it and focus it, like a prism does with light. She perfectly navigates the misty line between body and spirit. Talking with her is a joy, and her smile is magnetic. She creates a happy, healing bubble of love.

When you meet Aurora, be totally open. Trust her completely, and listen. She instantly understands emotions and desires, and is totally non-judgmental. You won't want the conversation to end. But there's more. Her healing touch is that of a skilled masseuse - I didn't mention my sore shoulder, but she found it easily and fixed it. Her sensual touches are indescribable. She is an artist, you are the art. Imagine an orgasm that swirls around and around inside, building until you can (literally) feel it in your fingertips (and everywhere else). I will never forget Aurora's magical eyes.

Gaia, ​I just like to thank you for today’s unique and fully relaxing session. In my view it was a truly great experience and I did appreciate the atmosphere, the location and most of all your very friendly/pleasant way of doing it. I had no idea what to expect... but with more time I would totally come back another time.

Hi Gaia, I really enjoy today's session with you. I have never felt this great before. I was awed when you opened the door, my heart skipped a beat. You are absolutely stunning and red is my favourite colour.

I couldn't believe my legs just gave in when you did the Tantric Worship. They were trembling and I was trying hard to stand still.


I had a session with Aurora and it was one of the most beautiful things I have ever experienced. Little I knew about Tantra and lingham massage, but I decided to give it a try. I was very nervous at the beginning but she really knew how to hold me and to make me feel safe. The experience was nurturing, caring, exciting and full of pleasure. I left reinvigorated and with the biggest smile.
It's a very powerful experience and Aurora really journeys you lovingly throughout it. Very recommended!

​Initially, I was unsure whether to book a session and take my first step into a new world. I asked for a little more information from Ocean and I immediately made up my mind to go ahead as I received her response.

What convinced me? Her reply that I would only need to bring myself and be open to whatever happens. This is such a simple sentence, but it proved powerful to me as it gave me the strength to let myself go and have believe in her.

The session itself started with a discussion on what I want to achieve. Ocean patiently listened to me, and more importantly, she never judged me for what I said.

Then comes the massage. One thing that came to me was that I felt so much energy throughout my whole body, but especially both of my hands. I wasn't sure what to do as I've never experienced such thing before in my life, but Ocean was there for me throughout the session.

In the end, Ocean has managed to break my shield. I was able to just be myself, knowing I'm in a safe environment, having someone who would hear me and never judge me for being who I am. It is such a privilege to be able to experience this. I can never thank Ocean enough for it.

For others still contemplating, I don't claim to know your situation. But if you're financially able, I would most definitely recommend a session with Ocean. I finished the session not feeling like my battery is recharged to 100%, I felt like I was at 100% and then given extra batteries to reach 200% that I never knew I had in me.

I had a standard massage a few weeks ago and the masseuse had been training in reiki and highly recommended that I try this, so I went home and jumped on google, as you have probably seen there is a number of alternatives out there.

In all honesty I had no idea what to expect, I've had a number of massages in the past and experiences have been varied from fantastic to what a waste of time and money.

Something about this site made me make contact and make a booking. That was definitely a great decision, to say I walked out a much better person would be an understatement.

I had the pleasure of a 90 minute session with Ocean, being the first time experiencing this I could not have asked for anyone better. Not only did she explain everything, she listened to everything I had to say as well.

I'll definitely be booking another appointment to see ocean when she is back in Melbourne.

Once again thank you...

Hi Gaia, thanks for the care and attention you showed me this morning. I was instantly at ease soon as I met you.
You have a very calming presence about you.

Wish I could’ve stayed a bit longer. Still feeling very light and relaxed. Definitely like a floating feeling.

You were of course beautiful and made me feel comfortable during our session.

Thanks again xx

Hi Gaia,
Thank you for helping me begin my new journey. I’m having a hard time finding the right words to truly honour the gift you have given me. 
You are divine. Uniquely gifted. Otherworldly. A goddess. 
Thank you from every ounce of my being. 
I am honoured to have shared space and time with you in a truly sacred way.
Forever changed.

“Hello Gaia.

I'm just writing you to tell you what happened the day after the session I had with you. I was in a park talking to myself as I often do when I need to see what's going on inside. I felt like singing and when I did emotions started coming up. I wasn't able to completely let go at that moment but that's ok. I also declared love to myself no matter what. After that, as I was on the way the leave the park I stopped. I felt something coming from within me. And before I realised it I had met my inner child for the first time! I started to cry and I surrendered to the sadness coming up. My inner child was happy I was finally aware of him and after tears came smile and laughter. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart because I have the feeling that the session with you triggered that "encounter" in one way or another and I wanted to share that with you.

May Love and Light be with you, always (but I think they already are ??)

​"I am delighted to inform you that we are both still glowing... inside & out... Thanks to both of you, Gaia and Harper. We were both overwhelmed with joy to discover that this really did help us... as a couple & individually. This session confirmed we were feeling... Blocked. And with this, now we want to go all the way & continue the magical journey of unblocking. Thank you just doesn't seem enough, however we both THANK YOU"Beautiful experience, after the session I slept like a baby after so many days.

It's a peaceful Monday afternoon when I embark on my first sensual massage, putting my fate in the hands of Gaia. When ericrohmer says; " Gaia: one of the most beautiful human beings I've encountered", on top of all the other amazing things said about her, my curiosity is aroused.

So was my body, in seconds, a slow burn that in turns delicately, and raunchily, worked its way through a most beautiful hour. Gaia had got hold of the Slowhand instruction manual and knew the spots and the ways, knew what to touch, when to touch, what to say, her tools an exquisite blend of fingers, breasts, her hot oily body, her lips and her soft breath, and this was sensual, sexual, explosive, and, spritual; I said to her I could float away, and she said do.

And on page three it says Slowhand is a sucker for the dance, so we danced, a beautiful girl, a free spirit, and she danced her way into my heart and she's there still, those upbeat Latin rhythms now the tempo of my heart.

And then her fingers danced softly, so softly, from the tip to the toe, I could feel her energy bouncing between us, and there's mirrors, all round, so it's a visual feast as well and I'm so so blessed to be enjoying the magic of this body artist, this master musician, playing my song, playing me, perfectly.

And it reaches a point of sublime surrender, I have no idea by what method, by then I'm helpless, but I was lifted so high, so very high, and held, and held, until she lets me go into body-shaking ecstasy.

And apart from all of that, what a girl, what a woman, a citizen of the planet, soft, sensual, gracious, yet there's steel there, living life on her owns terms, making her own way, and she grabs you with those eyes, goes right inside and says hello. And what an amazing thing it is to say hello to Gaia.

​I have been meaning to write a review for Gaia for months now, but struggle to find the words. I have been lucky enough to see her quite a few times in London and - even more memorably - in Berlin. She is utterly stunning, with a husky, sexy voice that quickly puts you at ease as you start to unwind.

You cannot take your eyes off her perfect, olive skin, her raven hair tumbling onto her shoulders and that alluring, beautiful body. The atmosphere in her room is always serene, with gentle music, soft lighting, incense. Her massage is exemplary - a wonderful, sensual touch and caress. You seem to merge together after a while as she sighs and whispers entrancingly, like a siren. Every sense feels heightened and she uses silks, oils and scents to elevate the experience. All this would be perfection, but she is also fantastic company too, with tales of her latest exotic adventures from around the world, music or foods to sample. But when the time is right those twinkling eyes sparkle and her cheeky, naughty side comes out and perfection just gets better.

​Without doubt the worst thing about spending time with Gaia is that her love of travelling and her home means that her trips to Europe are so rare these days. Please come back very, very soon!

The enchanting masseuse Velvetine,
Every visit to her is a dream.
Such a magical touch,
That I yearn for so much;
Most exquisite girl I've ever seen

Gaia - lose yourself into another dimension.
A bit late on this one, as have been meaning to write a review on this stunning lady for a while.

Had enjoyed some great sessions with Gaia in the past so was sad to see her leave NZ. Was excited to hear she was coming back to our shores for a short visit last month, limited days and given her popularity I assumed limited opportunity.

The stars must have been aligned and you can imagine my excitement as I was one of the lucky ones who managed to secure a booking on one of the two afternoons she was working. Sadly only 60 min as her time was short.

Off the Debonairs, greeted warmly as always and off to the room. Paper work done and then waited in anticipation.

Then she walks in dressed in some stunning lingerie. This lady is intoxicating. Watching her walk (more of a slow strut) across a room, the sound of her voice as she warmly greeted me, with a look of mischief in her eye followed by a kiss on the cheek and a long embrace.

Cannot figure how to best explain it, but she has an ability to connect with you. Not just in a physical, “oh my god she’s sexy as hell” kind of a way. It is almost spiritual. When she is close and connected to you, you just lose yourself into another dimension.

… drifting off into another world… sorry, I’m back. Had a moment there.

Anyway, managed to snap out of it and off to the shower. Back into the room and she starts with her slow stand up thing that she does so well. My eyes closed and her moving slowly around my body. Soft touches, warm breath and quiet whispers. Hello flag pole.

Shit, I’m having another moment. Must control and type…… MAXIMUM EFFORT!

Ok, so onto the table and the slow soft strokes continue. Lots of mirror work from Gaia. She knows her body is hot and positions herself in front of the mirrors perfectly so you can enjoy the view. Couldn’t contain myself any longer and had a body shaking massive ending. Body and legs kept twitching and shaking for a few minutes after. So intense. Lay there breathing heavily trying to regain consciousness.

Back into the shower and then sad goodbyes. This lady is truly special. Treat her with respect and you will lose yourself.
I hear she may be coming back to NZ again later in the year for another short visit. I think I might start spreading rumors this is all a lie so that I can book longer sessions next time!!

Thank you Gaia, you’re amazing. Until next time.

David's Review
I stumbled across Gaia in Melbourne, having first heard of her in Auckland. I booked a 90 min Tie & Tease session which comprised light BDSM followed by a nude body to body massage.

The T&T was something completely different for me but one that proved to be a great experience. Having being carefully restricted with some neat rope work I was subjected to some firm spawning on various parts of my body. Biting and touching complemented these spanks and the feeling of helpless pleasure.

I can say with confidence that the B2B massage was the best i have ever had. It was genuinely incredible. Gaia clearly has a talent for using all of her body to massage all of yours. The focus on my feet was an unexpected surprise, as was the use of hers to massage me. At times I couldn't tell how she was administering the massage - all I knew was it felt extremely sensual. Gaia also knows how to integrate breath into her routine to make it feel close and highly intimate.

She has an awesome body and a super nice personality which together are a lethal mix. All in all I can't recommend Gaia highly enough. She is a well reviewed sensual masseuse but this for good reason. I look forward to catching up again soon.

Gaia works from a clean apartment with ample, nearby on-street parking.


Well I saw the lovely Gaia this afternoon, what a great experience!!

I tried to make a booking last week but Gaia was taking a short break, she was very friendly and upon her return advised when she was available. After a crappy morning I was looking forward to seeing her, as the was my first massage session I wasn't to sure on what to expect.

When the door opened Gaia looked stunning, she led me into her room and prepared the shower for me. When I returned she eased me on to the bed, her demeanor was relaxed and sensual as she helped me prepare. Gaia has a great body and a great personality but such is her talent and approach to massage I quickly relaxed and focused on her soothing touch. After a short time I forgot about my crappy morning and just focused on Gaia's delightful soothing touch. When I turned over, I drank in Gaia's sensual beauty and her amazing body as she continued to relax and tantalize me.

Everything about Gaia seems geared to providing pleasure, her face, body, voice and personality all seemed made to tap into your sub-consciousness and draw out a deeper satisfaction. When I left I felt extremely satisfied and renewed both physically, mentally and emotionally, I will be back as Gaia is addictive.

PS - Some good news for you Auckland guys, Gaia is making a short visit back to Auckland soon and will be available for a limited period, so enjoy!! !

AUCKLAND 04/10/16
SO many reviews on here already. everyone one was 100% true. Sad she left for overseas, but saved me from going broke. liked to book 90 min with her. Her stand up thing at the start was always so good, closed eyes and her touching your body was such an amazing feeling. really got the blood flowing. every session was totally different. stunning body and such a cool chick to laugh with. knows how to build you right up and then hold you back begging for more and more. tempted to get on a plane to Melbourne. hopefully she will be back one day. 11/10

I was one of the lucky ones who get to spend time with Gaia while she was in Wellington just a couple of days ago. I am a strictly sensual massage kind of guy so I have seen a few girls specialised in SM (both in Welly and Auckland) but nobody, yes NOBODY has ever give me the same kind of passionate feeling by Gaia. I don't know whether its Gaia or myself but the whole session feels like there is a strong bond between us, the constant eye contact, the face expressions, the way she touches me, the way she speaks into my ear, everything is just so perfect! I don't usually write reviews (because I want to keep her for myself) but I think Gaia is top of the list that she deserves a nice review of her.

I got there a bit early and the previous customer was still there so I have to wait for a bit but the moment Gaia opens the door and quickly apologise just soothes everything down. We had some nice introduction talk and wine just before I went into my shower. Although she is touring, the place was nicely setup, clean and tidy! After the shower, we had a stand up session where it got me real excited. I am absolutely in love with her perfume choice, a smell that I cannot forget. Plus the way she speaks slowly onto my ears, hands moving around my naked body, WOW!!!!!!! I just can't have enough of that, so sexy!!! Makes me excited just thinking about it right now. Then we move onto the bed for some nice massage and glides. they are really relaxing (sometimes erotic if you like it that way) and the constant eye contact really makes it up! We then turn around for our sensual and sexy time which I will not go into details but I can tell u that the way she cares about her clients is top notch, make sure you keep looking at her beautiful eyes! *wink*

Finished the session, went back to shower and it was nice and warm. I can feel my body is totally relaxed, go on and finish my glass of wine while spending some time talking with Gaia. Very very very nice person to talk to in general, I can feel that she is really genuine to me which I really appreciate. We had a nice talk just to get to know each other more since it was my first time meeting her. She even gave me some delicious chocolates! How lovely! Went home with a big smile on my face the whole night lol

Even it has been a few days, I am still thinking about Gaia, the most genuine girl I have ever met.Thinking about her right now makes me want to organise another trip up to Auckland very soon! The ways she cares about men is on another whole new level! Auckland peeps if you get the chance to meet her, please treat her nicely and she will reward you with her sensualicious massage!

From the Luckiest guy in Wellington!

From the moment I walked into the room after my shower, nervous & naked your gentle touch was spine tingling and relaxing all at the same time. The closeness of your body, your sweet smell and that warm breath were extremely tantalising & teasing. I loved it.

Then we hit the bed and I had the opportunity to feast my eyes on your magnificently beautiful body, wow! But it was more than this as I again revelled in the way you touched my skin, moaned in my ear and transported me to a place where I felt like I was floating.

I feel like I learnt a bit about myself in that short space of time, I felt like I was tingling all over, in fact I was and that tingling built as our time extended.

At the end I was left to leave on legs that were very unstable, an intense and pleasurable time leaving me with wonderful memories that have not left me 24 hours later.

I'll be back but need a bit more recovery time. Interestingly the desire to return is driven by the thought of your exquisite being wrapping itself around me and taking me somewhere I may not have been before.

But make no mistake it will also be about your beautiful naked body, your beautiful face and you teasing me

I know that there are nine kabillion reviews on Gaia at the moment but I cant resist adding my own.

I’ve never had a massage from Gaia, but I have massaged with her and have been lucky to  have known her since 2009. When I first met her  - way back when - my jealousy meter went into overdrive! Here was this sumptuous, lustful carefree spirit in my presence! I could see she was one to watch and boy was I right. 
When you meet Gaia you can’t take your eyes off her. She isn’t a put on personality. Gaia is Gaia. She is lady lust, with a hint of hippy and a very generous helping of intelligence. She is the calmest, most genuine, sensual human I have ever had the privilege of crossing paths with and I adore her. You can’t not like the woman…even if you want to not like her you can’t help but be completely enamoured of her. 

Out of work she is no different. I met up with her in London on my travels a few years ago and she went out of her way to ensure I got to see why she loved it so much! I really admired her tenacious and very brave spirit! It was there we got our ears pierced together…She was so excited to get a piercing that I couldn’t help it and did it too! But that’s SUCH a Gaia thing. She captures you and you can’t help but be excited around her. 
Gaia is the real deal and I am so over the moon that everyone else thinks so too!

I recently had the pleasure to see her in Auckland. Seems she has been missed by many when she went overseas to Europe. 
I just couldn't pass on the chance to see her especially after I saw those gorgeous photos of hers so I chose to book her for another day instead.

I couldn't believe my eyes as she came in. SHE WAS GORGEOUS. A very beautiful woman, very young, slim and petite with a hint of dark skin. Did I say she was beautiful?
Quick greetings and brief introductions out of the way she then commanded me to strip while she went and got the hot shower prepared for me down the hall way.

She was ready and waiting for my return and gave me another beautiful smile as I entered the room. God she is beautiful...
Apparently I got the choice to decide on what hair style I prefer, hair down or pined up. She then proceed with couple of sexy poses with different hair styles. I chose the latter, wouldn't want her beautiful features hidden away.

The massage was light and sensual, lots of touching and hands gliding all over the body. I must say she has great eye contact during the massage. You could tell she was a pro at this as she maintains eye contact and keeps track of where your pervy eyes are lol...

It's an experience I haven't had before, it was very intimate in a way. She moves very elegantly and knows how to pose and give you a good view through the mirrors if she knows you are casting your pervy eyes at her. 

I'd strongly recommend not to close your eyes when you go see her. DO NOT CLOSE EYES. Hell, don't even blink. As things went on and it kept getting better. 

I can still remember her soft moans and gasps as she slides up and down my body. Especially her warm breaths down my neck as she's up close and personal. 

She's a very elegant woman, so beautiful... Apparently she only comes back to NZ once a year, and will be back to Europe soon. 
To sum it up, she's a gorgeous girl who provides a very sensual and intimate massage experience. I wouldn't wait if I were you. 

​Book or you will miss out.

She came into the room and almost immediately the room became very hot. Don't blink as you do not want to miss even a second of this ladies presence.

To say she is beautiful would have to be the understatement of the year. She introduced herself showed me where the shower was and away I went. 

When I came back into the room she asked me to stay standing whilst she started her massage....WOW is all I can say. I don't know if we just clicked but she is not just beautiful and sexy she is so sensual that you could just melt when she looks at you and touches you and she seemed to enjoy herself. 

We then progressed onto the table and without going into to much details, she turned up the heat and the experience was out of this world. I will be going back to see her as often as I can, she has to be the most sensual lady I have had the pleasure to meet.

"​Whilst SM is not really my thing, an excellent delivery from a stunning looking girl, that under everyday circumstances you would not ever get close to can be most enjoyable. 

She has been reviewed plenty of times before, her photos look amazing and her description seemed very appealing to me - so I decided to make a booking and managed to do so at 1.00pm today and what a great decision that was.

Just back from a weeks holiday and is looking spectacular - that said I do not think she would look too shabby 1st thing in the morning, after a night out on the Pinot Gris, without any make-up & her hair all over the place.

Her description & photos are accurate, being a lady in her early/mid-20's with curves in all the right places - perfect natural boobs, a scrumptious yet firm bum and all this with an absolutely stunning smile. Her nationality is listed as being "exotic", which is a great description of her most interesting ethnic mix and has resulted in her having the best of every feature to provide you with a gorgeous visual feast.

She is a very sexy lady and initiated our time together with instructing me first to have a shower - an absolute must - the cleaner you are the closer she will get. I was then told to remove my towel, stand naked, whilst she carried out what she herself described beforehand ...... "as she set about to tease me" - namely her kneeling down and delivering soft gentle strokes, nail scraping, warm breathing in sensitive areas - simply wonderful.

On to the massage bed face down, but rather than look at the potpourri I made damn sure that I kept my eyes very firmly on her beautiful bod and she seemed to take great delight in showing this off to me.

A warm luxurious feeling oil was drizzled all over my back, bum & legs followed by her firm hands massaging all areas, paying particular attention to my toes, soles of my feet and bum - which I adored all three. Body slides, Warm breathing, very strong head massage, her breasts on the bottom of my feet all followed - a truly wonderful SM experience was delivered in great style.

At the outset I had requested as part of the overall experience that she provide me with a prostate massage. She is an outstanding young lady in all areas - looks, style, humour, conversation, personality - she truly is a superstar and provides a great SM service and one which I intend to enjoy as often as the bank account permits."

I went to see her for the second time on Wednesday afternoon and can only say WOW. She has been on holiday and was looking relaxed and tanned. This lady is beautiful, intelligent and easy to talk to and makes you feel so relaxed. I left with the biggest smile and did not have a care in the world. Thanks for another great session and hopefully will see you very soon.

If you search for reviews on Gaia there is a myriad of eager posts that extol her virtues. The reviews and teasing profile were just too much for me to ignore any longer. She is everything that all the reviews say, simply an amazing hour with incredible techniques and oh what a tease.

To describe the experience without using superlatives and keeping it short..... 
- great eye contact that heated up my heart and soul (and other places that tend to heat up). All smiles from her and after my session, left me with a giant grin.
- non-monotonous verbal "encouragement" at just the right times with her sensual, breathy voice
- Not afraid to get close. Superb command of the angles and timing to gave me a great view and slipping off at the peak of my interests to leave me wanting more. My eyes were having the thrill of the chase which was enhanced by the tactically places mirrors in the room.
- Willing to listen and accomodate to my needs (all within her boundaries, ofcourse) 

All in all, she is a very true person and too honest for her own good. I just wished that I'd had seen her earlier or at least, that I have time to see her one more time before she leaves the sunny shores of Auckland; but alas this holiday season is bane for free time.

Enjoy London and wish you all the best! I'll be keeping my eyes out for you in case you decide to make some "guest appearances" in Auckland.

When she walks in to the room the walls drip with lust. Gaia is the epitome of sensuality from the sway of her hip to the mischievous glint in her eye. She is womanly yet petite with gentle curves on her toned physique and a perky bust.

Gaia is trained in the art of sensual massage, Lomi Lomi, Tantra and light BDSM and infuses her passion for pleasure into every caressing touch.  Her zest for life and genuinely beautiful personality shine through in conversation.

Sie ist eine Meisterin der fließenden Berührung. Sie verbindet verspielte fliegende Berührungen, berührende body-to-body-Elemente und weiche Führung zu einer Massagekomposition, die es immer wieder vermag, das Herz zu berühren und die kraft der sexuellen Energie in den verschiedensten Bereichen des Körpers und der Gefühle zu spüren. Genießen wird hier zum Fest.

Wenn Du spürst wie jeder Atemzug Dich mit Leben durchströmt, entsteht dieses innere Ja. Ja im Körper. Ja im Verstand. Ja in Dir. Freiheit, Lust & Leichtigkeit reichen sich die Hand

She is a master of the art of flowing bodywork. She combines playful floating sensations with body-to-body elements and soft directed touches creating a unique massage able again and again to touch the heart and make the power of sexual & life energy palpable in many ways & areas of the body and the emotions. Joy & Tenderness await you.

Feel your every breath. Experience the life flow, this inner Yes. Yes in the body. Yes in mind. Yes in your whole being. Freedom, pleasure & relaxation join hands.

5/5 Review
For the last few weeks I've had the greatest pleasure in having a weekly wind down with the gorgeous Gaia. I haven't reviewed for a while as well I have been kind of in an almost one woman routine for a while, but life throws you curve balls. Oh, and if you can't be bothered reading all the way down, this is a 5 out of 5 star review.

She has this super sexy cheeky smile. In the room, she lays you out on that table and slowly drips that gorgeous warm oil on to you and lays hands on you. It is an amazing delight, it lifts your spirits instantly. And she'll help you unwind any stresses and chat away to you about anything. Eventually she'll jump up on the table with you and the body slides begin. This is a thing of thrill. She has the most amazing body, perfectly proportioned, nice curves for her smaller frame, and her breasts sliding across your back will give you a warm satisfied feeling. You start to feel thoroughly refreshed. If you don't laugh a lot in your time with Gaia I'd be surprised. And now that you're face up, not only are you moved in to the final sequence but you are fully appreciating the wonder that is her beauty. She has been a modern dancer and her body shows how well it's being looked after, she's a dream to look at. Her exotic looks underline her heritage and her smile is perfect. She's cheeky almost constantly. 

​I have a favorite therapist but I had to sample this girls talents and check the hugely popular skills as described.
There some amazing techniques this girl possesses that will leave an indelible mark in your memory... or two...

Anyways, rumour has it we may have the pleasure of her company for a little longer (I note she usually vanishes after Feb), so I will be back for sure.

Cannot recommend this girl enough - the real TRIPLE THREAT: Beauty, Brains (including personality and humour) and sensuality in spades.

Not to be missed...

Gaia, loved the session on Monday - thanks- it has affected my inner alignment in a way I haven't experienced before!

I had a session with her on Friday and wow, blew my mind. It certainly was next level. Thanks very much

Was nice to see you twice this week.
Thanks, and best wishes from Wellington.

This is my second time with her and man was it great. She's a fantastic girl to be with, nice sexy smile and a nice toned body. Couldn't wait to see her that day. You will have to find out yourself i gave her A+A+A+A+. Worth seeing her for a great time.

Enjoy a little slice of heaven and explore sensuality with lady lust herself.

Saw her last week on Thursday and to sum it up; by the end of the session I was blown away (in more than one way).

I have loved every minute of the hours I have booked with this delightful lady in the past month and she's got a client for her working life.

I had the opportunity to pop in and see her again this evening. She is the most exotic, erotic, sensual and sexy woman. 

Saw the stunningly beautiful, lovely Gaia the other day. What a reconnection!! We reckon it's been 4 years since our last fantastic hour together and she has clearly spent that time becoming more and more frickin' gorgeous!  Coupled with that, she is an absolute sweetheart, I just love being with her. How the hell did I leave it 4 years? What a numpty!

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for the wonderful time that I had with you on Saturday. Wow! I struggle to find the words to describe such an amazing experience.

Truly mind-blowing. Exquisitely beautiful and wonderfully skilled. I can’t thank you enough. The next time that I’m in London, I will definitely be booking another appointment.

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