Therapists Reviews

 Enjoyed your session? We would love to hear from you. We are deeply grateful to our clients who take their time to show their appreciation. Our aim is to inspire you and be a creative muse for your limitless expression. Sensuality and creativity are deliciously intertwined; when one is flowing so is the other. Why not try your hand at writing, it could help encapsulate the experience into words. If for any reason you were not satisfied with the session and would like to raise this issue with us, please feel free to reach out x


"Please say thank you to Alexa for the great relaxing session today, I am sure to return again x"

"Just wanted to say Tranquillity was beautiful. She respected a boundary of mine and I would love to see her again.”

"A big thank you for my massage today with Maddie. She was amazing. Please pass on my many thanks"

"I’ve never written a review for ANYTHING, but the time I spent with Tamara and Tranquillity was so beautiful that I had to write this. Being my first tantric experience, I couldn’t be any more thankful that it was with these two beautiful women. What I received was beyond anything I had expected. Electrifying pleasure in places I did not even know I could feel pleasure in, an outpouring of repressed and disowned parts of my sexuality, and a deep, profound kind of healing. This wasn’t just a massage, it was an experience in self-discovery. Tamara and Tranquillity, thank you for this gift x

Just wanted to thank maddie for the massage. Her massage was so gentle and soothing. Will definitely be back again

What can I say? Alexa taught me things I thought I'd never feel. A mystery cannot be put in mere words, but has to be experienced. Thank you for the magic. 

Thank you so much. I had a wonderful time with Cara and Katia, they were amazing! im going away tomorrow till Wed, but I cant wait to book again when I get back. They really were amazing. I felt extremely comfortable with them and had a great experience. Yes you will definitely be seeingme again soon. So glad I found yor page online! 

Thank you for my massage today with Maddie, she was amazing and is the most beautiful person xx

Hi there, I just wanted to thank Tamara for our session yesterday. She was so beautiful and so kind to me, not to mention her rockin body and gorgeous face too. But I really wanted to say I was suprised with how I slept like a baby and hsv woken today feeling so content in myself, its hard t describe but for somene who battles with mental illness ongoing I feel amazing and I wanted to say thanks x - Paul   

Being an introvert it usually takes me a while to warm up but Maddie put at ease as soon as she gets in the room!
She's understanding, intelligent and an awesome conversationalist. She is extremely pleasant and has a convivial personality that will draw you in like a magnet.Her luscious lips are so sumptuous and her sensual, bright eyes look into your very soul. Her breath-taking curves will render your knees weak, and her radiant countenance will fill you with delight. I really enjoyed my couple of sessions with Maddie and looking forward to seeing her again in next couple of month!

Hi Tamara, I just wanted to thank you for referring me to Alexa. She was exactly what I was searching for in a therapist and I will be seeing her more now that you have introduced us to each other. Her experience and skills in dealing with my premature ejaculation issue have given me hope that one day this may not be such a major issue in my sex life! I look forward to more lessons with her, (disguised as sensual fun!) Kind Regards

Just letting you know that i had a beautiful session with Serenity today. She really looked after me. I will definitely be back to do another session with her again very soon. Thanks again 


"Please convey my thanks to Maddie for the wonderful time yesterday.. the energy that I felt in my body was pretty intense, I will surely come back to work on my energy levels with her."

Last night was epic and delicious .. So glad we connected. Good manners compel me to write a thank you so here it is.  To Tamara, I loved your presence, attention, softness and playful humour. The connection, vulernability, realness, sensuality and knowing that lifted me. Thank you .

Please pass on my thanks to Cara for an amazing session, i will definitely be back again soon. Cheers

I was privillaged to meet Maddie. She really is stunning but what's more important is that she made me, an average looking middle aged guy, feel quite special.
At the end I had to have a few moments to process the whole experience. As I made may way to the shower she even offered to wash my back, but inexplicably I declined the offer. Maybe I was still delirious, but I won't make the same mistake twice if I ever get the privilege of seeing her again.
Thanks Maddie, truly magnificent!

Morning Tamara, I just wanted to say thank you for your service yesterday afternoon. You were exquisite in every move you made. I really appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed my time with you. Thank you for seeing me. Terry x 


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and emotions Natasha I have kept them safe and secure within my heart and mind. I am happy I bring you smiles and positive vibes. I am happy I can restore and heal a portion of your energy. I am happy you have access to St Kilda. Lovely sanctuary. Very comfortable table and pillow, and a beautiful Goddess with captivating green eyes, curly flowing hair and stunning mixed heritage xxx


Hey lovely Tamara - thought you would appreciate a testimonial: At first it was difficult to allow myself to receive because somewhere deep down, despite my outward confidence, internally I guess I didn’t feel worthy or able to let go and allow myself to be present to what was happening. I wanted to do stuff to you as that is my normal inclination in intimate situations. So I'm glad I followed your instructions and just allowed myself to receive and be present to the experience ... I felt that I was being honoured, and very quickly tuned into the pleasure of that feeling - it was mesmerising and felt quite magical being lost in such exquisite Ecstasy. Thank you so much for being a safe therapist and enabling such trust and discretion. My trust in you helped me to let go and drop into my body. Thank you for your instruction and your guidance for me to direct my focus inside, thank you for enabling me to remain embodied and focused on the exquisite pleasure that you were giving my body. Thank you for your direction, softness and receptivity and for such a moving experience


Maddie was a top rate massage. Super friendly and bubble person, who’s passion shines through. She has a great flow to her massage with various positions and moves! After a nice low key chat, which felt like I was talking to an old friend

Thank you for a luscious time Tamara. You have something so special to be able to connect like you did and I must say you have had a profound effect on my being. I have never experienced what you shared with me yesterday, you delicious, panther like body and luscious energy... well... what can I say... it was out of this world. The only downside is I am trying to listen to my audiobook and I keep getting distracted by flashbacks with you. Hugs xx 

 Maddie curvy blonde from the UK. At first glance I thought she wasn’t my type, but she’s smart and cool to chat with, and wow she has a great ass… which I got to admire when she climbed on top for some reverse body slides. That’s a great memory that I will not forget!

Thank you to Tamara for such an intimate and magical experience. Look forward to next time and a much longer sessions...

Lucy is warm and kind hearted. She has a calm presence and demeanour that will make you feel  relaxed and confortable. She has a gorgeous athletic body but soft skinned physique. A true beauty, mind, spirit and body . 

Ok. I just havent been able to stop thinking about Tamara since my last session with her on Saturday. Its literally 12.30am and instead of sleeping, I am dreaming about my next session with her. Which leads me to ask, can I please book 90min in with her this thur?

Raven, thank you very much for todays session. It was amazing xx It has left me wanting more. so much so, I dont suppose there are any other booking options for today? Thanks Tamara for he mostt sensual tantric massages Ive ever recieved. Cant wait for more .See you soon

So grateful for Ocean today. Had no idea the depth of blockages now cleared. I'm going to be ok. Thank you. Natashas services was one of ther best therapists Ive 

Thank you Tamara for the amazing session we enjoyed together this afternoon... Im floating on bliss xx 

Hi Tamara, I just wanted to say thank you for such an amazing experience. I really appreciate how warm and kind you are, it really helped to calm my nerves. I cant stop thinking about it, hopefully I can book in again soon.

Hi Tamara , WOW and WOW , that's the best way to describe our time on Wednesday , Violet is just a wonderful woman like you , I really liked the way she was comforting me when we were get dressed on the couch , only just meet me and rubbing my back gently was heart warming , not forgetting the hour of being spoilt like a king , thank you for making me feel so special , I'm really worried about the driving test , so I'm gonna juggle things around and try book a session for Wednesday , I'll confirm soon , thanks again from cloud 9. 


Hi Tamara. I'm still on cloud 9. It was so great to meet you and I really enjoyed the space we shared together. I'm looking forward to seeing you again soon

​Yesterday I was lucky enough to have a wonderful tantric experience in the hands of Ocean. She is a gorgeous sensual, intelligent woman who knows how to engage at the most intimate level and transport you to a magical place far from the everyday world. I have experienced a number of beautiful tantricas over the years but none better than Ocean who was able to create an orgasmic session in which our bodies and minds were in complete harmony- a truly beautiful thing. Thank you Ocean, I am looking forward to next time.


G'day Tamara, I'm still buzzing from our session and would love to see you again soon so I can buzz some more. I look forward to more moments like the ones we shared. The whole 90 minutes from beginning to end was just amazing and I have thought about it many times since. Thanks again for everything.