Meet Our GaiaLoveTantra Tantric Goddess
Works from St Kilda Weekdays and Weekends.
Days vary week to week.
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About Tamara

Meet Tamara. She is our sensual kiwi tantric priestess. Tamara offers a personalised and unique approach on Tantra and sensual massage, combining the two, creating our signature body-to-body session (B2B) sessions. Sessions that are deeply nourishing and divinely healing. Her mission is to help reconnect yourself with your true essence. To  bring sacredness back into sexuality, while embracing and honouring all aspects of self, with reverence, deep honour and unconditional love.

Tamara is a certified in Energy healing for massage therapy, Tantric meditation techniques and Guided meditation. She has extensive experience in Lomilomi massage, sensual massage and Neo-tantra. She's an intuitive healer with the ability and skills needed to help create the safe and sacred space  you need to fully surrender and be fully present within yourself to recieve in your full capacity.

After your time together your senses will be immersed into absolute delight, leaving you feeling invigorated, connected and deeply relaxed. A deep sense of love and bliss will permeate your entire being leaving you feeling grounded, in-bodied and refreshingly reconnected to yourself.

Each session with Tamara is lovingly genuine. She is a natural healer who loves physical touch and human connection. Tamara will allow you to feel safe enough to be be yourself, to express yourself and to truly enjoy yourself, allowing you to be fully open to whatever may arise in the moment of what the soul truly desires. There is an encouraging emphasis on surrender and letting go so as to fully surrender is to fully receive the magnitude of life including divine pleasure, liberation and sacred bliss. Your time with her will be deeply nourishing. You will be left feeling light, refreshed and deeply reinvigorated.

Tamaras sessions are intuited to the needs and feel of the moment, and for the client. Her personality and her love for people and tantra really shines through and felt in her sessions. She embodies sensuality, joy, intimacy, freedom through pleasure, unconditional love and connection in her offerings.

In all, Tamara would describe herself as a kiwi half-mixed goddess, who is always growing and learning, loves her job, is endlessly curious, compassionately caring, joyously playful and a deeply loving being. She studies and practices Tantra in her everyday life and is passionate for others to explore this path too. Her repertoire consist of a varied background in sacred pleasures and exploration. These include tantric and sensual arts, erotic play, light BDSM, and tantric breath-work.

Tamara loves connecting with women, just as much as she adores connecting with men. Everyone is welcome. Regardless of age, weight, sex, ethnicities or any other personal beliefs. If you would like to meet Tamara for youself then please get in touch. She is looking forward to connecting with you


Body to Body (B2B) - Most recommended and popular. Our most requested session combining erotic sensuality and tantric infused elements and principles
​$250 for 60mins/$300 for 75mins/$350 for 90mins/$450 for 120mins

Body to Body + Oral Fixation - Tamara is now introducing a new signature session created just by her for a few, regular and extremely hygenic clients. The "Oral Fixation" is a deep exploration and unique massage, aimed at awakening and exciting your bodily sesnsations. A unique massage, predominantly using her mouth and tongue, Tamara will tantalize and awaken your senses in one the most sensual and intimate ways your body has ever experienced. In this session, numerous parts of your *non intimate areas* will be explored during the massage using oral techniques. It is a very intimate process to allow another person to explore your body with such intimate oral techniques, therefor it is performed in a delicate and very sensitive way. 

Please note that due to the intimate nature of this particular massage, showering thoroughly at Tamaras unit before your booking commences is required and not negotiable. Tamara reserves the right to decline this massage request without reason, to anyone.
Please do not request this if you have any rashes, open sores or infections on your body anyhwhere. 
$350 for 60mins/$400 for 75mins/$450 for 90mins/$550 for 120mins

Body to Body + Sacred Spot (Prostate Massage) - Combine the Body2Body signature session and explore the sensitivity of your Rosebud (outer anal area) and the Sacred Spot (prostate gland). A highly arousing and powerful session - for men
$300 for 60mins/$350 for 75mins/$400 for 90mins/$500 for 120mins

Japanese Nuru - A slippery all-natural seaweed gel generously applied with the pleasure of the Body2Body experience. Sensual and highly tactile.
$300 for 60mins/$350 for 75mins/$400 for 90mins/$500 for 120mins

Tantric Couple's Session - the Tantric Guidance & Body2body experience are combined together
$380 for 60mins/$460 for 75mins/$540 for 90mins/$680 for 120mins

Tantric Bath Ceremony - Be pampered in absolute bliss and bubbles. A sensual intimate ritual in water
$450 for 90mins/$550 for 120mins (requires notice for preparation)

Tie and Tease - Pain and Lust/Light BDSM. Ask about Japanese Bondage (Shibari)
$300 per 60mins/$350 for 75mins/$400 for 90mins/$500 for 120mins

Four Hands double - The Body2Body signature session with two experienced therapists
Feeling the touch of four sensuous hands massaging your body from head to toe is a complete tantalising experience
$450 for 60mins/$550 for 75mins/$650 for 90mins/$850 for 120mins

Outcall visits are available to hotels and serviced apartments for an additional fee

*Intimate areas are defined as:
Anus and Lingam for men, &
Anus and Yoni for women.
All other areas wuld be defined as "non intimate"

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"Thank you for a luscious time Tamara. You have something so special to be able to connect like you did and I must say you have had a profound effect on my being. I have never experienced what you shared with me yesterday, you delicious, panther like body and luscious energy... well... what can I say... it was out of this world. The only downside is I am trying to listen to my audiobook and I keep getting distracted by flashbacks with you "

"Hi there, I just wanted to thank Tamara for our session yesterday. She was so beautiful and so kind to me, not to mention her rockin body and gorgeous face too. But I really wanted to say I was suprised with how I slept like a baby and hsv woken today feeling so content in myself, its hard t describe but for somene who battles with mental illness ongoing I feel amazing and I wanted to say thanks x - Paul   "

"Last night was epic and delicious .. So glad we connected. Good manners compel me to write a thank you so here it is.  To Tamara, I loved your presence, attention, softness and playful humour. The connection, vulernability, realness, sensuality and knowing that lifted me. Thank you "

Hey lovely Tamara - thought you would appreciate a testimonial: At first it was difficult to allow myself to receive because somewhere deep down, despite my outward confidence, internally I guess I didn’t feel worthy or able to let go and allow myself to be present to what was happening. I'm glad I followed your instructions and just allowed myself to receive and be present to the experience ... I felt that I was being honoured, and very quickly tuned into the pleasure of that feeling - it was mesmerising and felt quite magical being lost in such exquisite Ecstasy. Thank you so much for being a safe therapist and enaabling such trust and discretion. My trust in you helped me to let go and drop into my body. Thank you for your instruction and your guidance for me to direct my focus inside, thank you for enabling me to remain embodied and focused on the exquisite pleasure that you were giving my body. Thank you for your direction, softness and receptivity and for such a moving experience

"Morning Tamara, I just wanted to say thank you for your service yesterday afternoon. You were exquisite in every move you made. I really appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed my time with you. Thank you for seeing me.

"Hi Tamara- Just wanted to say "Thank You" for the beautiful session yesterday afternoon. It was lovely and I feel very grounded now. It was very lovely to meet you and Im looking forward to another session in the future. Warmest x"