Meet Our GaiaLoveTantra Tantric Goddess
Works from St Kilda Weekdays and Weekends.
Days vary week to week.

About Me:

Hey there, I'm Tamara. I'm a kiwi girl who is currently now living in Melbourne with my 13 year old Jack Russel Nu. I moved her Dec 2019. Not the best time to move to Melbourne in 2020 but who could have anticipated Corona! lolMy massage journey started a few years ago in NZ as a sensual masseuse. I didnt realise I was going to love the job as much as I did when I started initially it was just for "now"


something Id keep a secret and do just for a little while. Earn some money and get out of it. But before I knew it I was hooked. I started to see this as something I could do until I could no longer do it anymore. I started telling people what I did. And I started telling them with an unwavering pride. It felt like I had finally found my calling. Or so I had thought...

Fast forward to moving here to Melbourne where I worked as a sensual masseuse in a shop. It was great and taught me lessons and I am grateful for it, but I felt it was lacking connection. I felt like I was giving so much of myself and it was being taken for granted. Like they couldn't see how much of my soul I was putting into the job. So intuitively I googled Tantric massage courses In Melbourne. They were slightly out of my price range so I decided to pursue this again at a later date. But the universe had other plans for me... Two days after I had enquired in tantric massage courses online I received a message from Gaia, from Gaia Love Tantra... An old friend and colleague that I knew (and looked up to) from back in NZ. Gaia was wanting someone to help run things while she went to QLD for a while. She had a "nudge" while in a booking where my name popped into her mind and thoughts and she couldn't shake it. She contacted me, and the rest is history.

I accepted based on the fact she was willing to train me, to take me under her wing and to teach me everything she knew. Gaia was and is a legend in this field and I knew the massiveness of not just being taken under her wing, but being given the reigns to her empire! WHAT A PRIVILLAGE!!! Little did I realize the connectedness of Tantra and the tantric elements were EXACTLY what I felt was lacking in my job as a sensual masseuse. I thought I had found my calling as a sensual masseuse, but boy has that changed and evolved, because now I truly feel as though I am doing exactly what I am meant to be doing an that now, well now I have found my true calling...
So here I am... I genuine kiwi girl, living in Melbourne, pretty early in on her tantric experience, but extremely keen to please, eager to learn and super super sensual. A people pleaser by nature this job is perfect for me as it is all about your complete body pleasure through relaxation, by allowing yourself to fully surrender to me and my complete and utter attention and conscious touch.
This allows me to do what I do best as a people pleaser, and that's please!
I look forward to meeting you and forming a beautiful connection with you.
Dont be shy to get in touch 

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"Thank you for a luscious time Tamara. You have something so special to be able to connect like you did and I must say you have had a profound effect on my being. I have never experienced what you shared with me yesterday, you delicious, panther like body and luscious energy... well... what can I say... it was out of this world. The only downside is I am trying to listen to my audiobook and I keep getting distracted by flashbacks with you "

"Last night was epic and delicious .. So glad we connected. Good manners compel me to write a thank you so here it is.  To Tamara, I loved your presence, attention, softness and playful humour. The connection, vulernability, realness, sensuality and knowing that lifted me. Thank you "

"Morning Tamara, I just wanted to say thank you for your service yesterday afternoon. You were exquisite in every move you made. I really appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed my time with you. Thank you for seeing me.


"Hi Tamara- Just wanted to say "Thank You" for the beautiful session yesterday afternoon. It was lovely and I feel very grounded now. It was very lovely to meet you and Im looking forward to another session in the future. Warmest x"