We are a collective of experienced and talented tantric therapists, offering our unique take on Tantra and sacred bodywork. We have a plethora of experience in a variety of sensual healing arts. We continue to widen our knowledge and skills in sacred sexuality and somatic bodywork. We strive to hold a safe and well-held space, acknowledging all expressions and experiences of sexuality.

Completely feel and receive the gifts of deep devotion, divine sensuality and heart-centred presence.


During this time, connection does not need to be compromised. Deepen your journey in self-exploration and self-love, enrich your understanding of sacred sexuality and find new levels of intimacy within. 


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Gaia offers a personalised and unique approach to Tantra and sensual healing, combining the two to create her signature body-to-body session (B2B) sessions that are deeply nourishing and divinely healing. Gaia's soul mission is to bring sacredness back into sexuality, embracing and honouring all aspects of Self with reverence and love.

She is a qualified therapeutic massage therapist in Reflexology, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Holistic Pulsing and Womb Massage. She is an ISTA grad practitioner and facilitates aspecting, emotional tools and sacred spot bodywork in her sessions. She is also a qualified yoga teacher and holds a graduate degree in the natural sciences. Gaia is attuned in several energy healing modalities; such as Reiki and Pellowah healing frequencies, which she intuitively applies in her sessions.

An exotic-mixed Goddess, who loves to travel, is endlessly curious, compassionately caring, joyously playful and a deeply loving being. She studies and breathes Tantra in her everyday life and is passionate for others to explore this path too. Her repertoire consists of varied backgrounds in sacred pleasures and exploration. These include tantric and sensual arts, erotic play, explorative BDSM, sacred rope (Shibari) and tantric breath-work.

Gaia is also offering online tantric guided sessions.

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Alexa has been exploring Tantra for over seven years now. She is an avid yogi and loves nothing more than human connection. She has completed many trainings over the years including a yoga teacher training, ISTA, and various other Tantra practitioner courses. Alexa’s sessions are heavily focused on the breath and she encourages her clients to feel and spread pleasure and excitement all throughout their bodies. She holds a safe space where people are welcomed and celebrated for who they are.

Alexa will guide you on a journey deep into your heart and your body.



Sensual, saucy and feminine. Aurora is deeply caring, playful and lovingly present in her sessions, offering her gift of deep feminine connection and soothing touch to allow her clients to deeply surrender to their experience.

During the intimate and loving signature body2body tantric massage she will help you awaken your sensual pleasure and erotic energy in a sublime and controlled way, directing this energy throughout your entire body, in order for you to access deeper levels of pleasure, happiness and sensual bliss. Aurora’s conscious touch and intimate, tender caresses awaken your connection to your heart, the sensitivity and sensuality of your body, your capacity to experience pure pleasure and orgasmic sensations, with ever deepening relaxation.

Being a lover of earthly delights and all nature’s wonders Aurora uses tantric breath and massage techniques as a way to connect her clients to their true essence and nature. Bringing you out of your mind and in to the body by activating the senses with soothing, stimulating, sensual touch, gentle voice in a nurturing safe environment. Through doing this, her sessions create a relaxing and nourishing pleasure filled experience that restores, relieves and revitalises you from head to toe, leaving no place left untouched.


South Yarra

Jade is an alluring French Goddess who carries a sweet, sensual and nourishing energy that is very healing to the soul. Absolutely ambrosial in her sessions. Be ready to be heavenly transported into higher realms of Bliss. Feel her passionate devotion and tap into a transcendent nature of beauty.

Allow yourself to be captivated by Jade’s Divine sensuality infused with her genuine love and care. With her seductive French accent, this young beauty flows and radiates Love from her heartfelt presence. She is known for her loving and intimate approach in her Tantric massage sessions. She is also trained in Balinese Massage, Yoga and Reiki.


North Fitzroy

​Ocean is a multi-dimensional pleasure priestess; she loves to explore the world through travel, nature and relationships. She embodies what she teaches, each day an intention to remain curious, playful and open to all things pleasurable. She loves erotic play, exploring desires, heart attuning breath, sacred rope ties and all things sensual.

She is deeply devoted in creating an erotically awakening space where you are free to explore your desires. Merging the hearts of the divine feminine and divine masculine in the divine dance of harmony.

Ocean discovered Neo-Tantra and Sacred Sexuality while she was seeking alternative ways to connect with herself and the world around her. After experiencing profound and transformative effects on her own life and sexual awakenings, she knew that this is something she was born to share with those whom seek the magic and ecstasy of life.


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