We are a collective of experienced and talented tantric therapists, offering our unique take on Tantra and sacred bodywork. We have a plethora of experience in a variety of sensual healing arts. We continue to widen our knowledge and skills in sacred sexuality and somatic bodywork. We strive to hold a safe and well-held space, acknowledging all expressions and experiences of sexuality.

Completely feel and receive the gifts of deep devotion, divine sensuality and heart-centred presence.


During this time, connection does not need to be compromised. Deepen your journey in self-exploration and self-love, enrich your understanding of sacred sexuality and find new levels of intimacy within.


For information on sessions and prices, please head to the Delights menu. 

Weekdays & Weekends in St Kilda, Melbourne

Booking 1-2 days in advance is highly recommended

Imagine stepping into a sacred space that is being held just for you, where you feel welcomed, wanted, valued and completely adored. A space where you feel so comfortable and at ease that your able to leave all your daily stresses, physical pains and emotional scars or burdens weighing heavy on your heart at the front door. Once you fully surrender to the open space you will then be completely open to receiving the intensely sensual yet divinely nurturing moments with a true sensual goddess.


Together, we can explore your mind and body at depths you didn’t know even existed. Through the synchronicity of tantric breathwork and the loving nurturing touch of my silky soft skin on yours, our journey of tantric exploration together will be something you will find yourself playing over and over in your mind.


No two sessions with me will ever be the same. I intuitively tailor each and every one of my session to meet the individual needs of the person I’m connecting with at the time. Some days you might need a sultry seductress exploding with intense sexual energy and where other days a kinder, softer, more nurturing touch is more what your soul is craving. Together we can help you discover or reconnect with parts of you may have suppressed, or even help explore parts deep within you haven’t felt brave enough to discover yet. The possibilities are endless! Each journey taken with me is a deeply intimate and personal experience and absolute respect and discretion is assured. I look forward to meeting with you xxx

South Yarra

Alexa has been exploring Tantra for over seven years now. She is an avid yogi and loves nothing more than human connection. She has completed many trainings over the years including a yoga teacher training, ISTA, and various other Tantra practitioner courses. Alexa’s sessions are heavily focused on the breath and she encourages her clients to feel and spread pleasure and excitement all throughout their bodies. She holds a safe space where people are welcomed and celebrated for who they are.

Alexa will guide you on a journey deep into your heart and your body.



St Kilda

Violet creates a safe, sacred and intimate space away from the stresses and strains of the world.  Her healing, nurturing, touch whisks you away to paradise and helps melt all your cares and worries away.

Your time with her includes luscious, free flowing strokes over and under the body.  Each session is individually tailored to you and aims to release blocked energy, weather that be physically or mentally, returning you to harmony and balance.

Violet is a qualified Swedish and relaxation massage therapist.  She is also experienced in and has a passion for Lomi Lomi massage and Reiki level 1.  Her genuine care, love and kindness radiates out from her.  Let her cocoon you with her beautiful, goddess energy.  Let her connect with you to a heavenly place of pure pleasure and bliss.

I work with and welcome all genders and sexual orientations 18+

South Yarra

Ocean creates a deeply loving and intimate sacred space, where you will be able to feel fully comfortable to express yourself just as you are. Her warm touch and caring heart brings opportunity for growth, relaxation and healing. Each session is unique to the next as you begin to learn to open up and trust the mysteries of life.

Devoted to the path of sexual healing and empowerment. Ocean believes the more we are able to open ourselves to the wisdom of our body, the more that life begins to open up for us. In her sessions you will discover new ways of intimacy, embodiment and self expression. She weaves in her knowledge of sacred sex bodywork, energy work, conscious touch and feminine mysteries. 

​Ocean is a multi-dimensional pleasure priestess; she loves to explore the world through nature, travel and conscious relating. She embodies what she teaches, each day an intention to remain curious, playful and open to all things pleasurable. She loves erotic play, exploring desires, heart attuning breath, sacred rope ties and all things sensual. 

Qualified Yoni Massage Therapist, Sacred Sexuality Practitioner, Reiki, Womb & Fertility Massage.

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