We are a collective of experienced and talented tantric therapists, offering our unique take on Tantra and sacred bodywork. We have a plethora of experience in a variety of sensual healing arts. We continue to widen our knowledge and skills in sacred sexuality and somatic bodywork. We strive to hold a safe and well-held space, acknowledging all expressions and experiences of sexuality.

Completely feel and receive the gifts of deep devotion, divine sensuality and heart-centred presence.


During this time, connection does not need to be compromised. Deepen your journey in self-exploration and self-love, enrich your understanding of sacred sexuality and find new levels of intimacy within.


For information on sessions and prices, please head to the Delights menu. 


Richmond, Melbourne

Please get in touch for an appointment here.

In the Gold Coast QLD 19th Feb - 8th March. Taking appointments now for 26th Feb to 4th March, set in a luscious rainforest! Currumbin, Gold Coast.

Gaia offers a personalised and divine touch to Tantra and sacred sexuality, combining the two to create her signature Tantric Bodywork sessions that are deeply nourishing and divinely healing. Gaia's soul mission is to bring sacredness back into sexuality, embracing and honouring all aspects of Self with reverence and love.

She is a qualified therapeutic massage therapist in Reflexology, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Lomi Lomi, Aromatherapy, Reiki, Holistic Pulsing and Womb Massage. She is an ISTA grad practitioner and facilitates aspecting, emotional tools and sacred spot bodywork in her sessions. She is also a qualified yoga teacher and holds a graduate degree in the natural sciences. Gaia is attuned in several energy healing modalities; such as Reiki and Pellowah healing frequencies, which she intuitively applies in her sessions.

An exotic-mixed Goddess, who loves to travel, is endlessly curious, compassionately caring, joyously playful and a deeply loving being. She studies and breathes Tantra in her everyday life and is passionate for others to explore this path too. Her repertoire consists of varied backgrounds in sacred pleasures and exploration. These include tantric and sensual arts, erotic play, explorative BDSM, sacred rope (Shibari) and tantric breath-work.

Gaia is also offering online tantric guided sessions.

Please contact Gaia personally.

South Yarra

Alexa has been exploring Tantra for over seven years now. She is an avid yogi and loves nothing more than human connection. She has completed many trainings over the years including a yoga teacher training, ISTA, and various other Tantra practitioner courses. Alexa’s sessions are heavily focused on the breath and she encourages her clients to feel and spread pleasure and excitement all throughout their bodies. She holds a safe space where people are welcomed and celebrated for who they are.

Alexa will guide you on a journey deep into your heart and your body.



Ask about the 4hands Sacred Rose Initiation with Gaia. Please enquire for this uniquely divine session.

Electra lives heaven on earth, dancing barefoot, playing in nature, picking fruit and wild herbs, and smelling of sweet honey. Her presence is magnetic, radiating the divine feminine like the aroma of a blossoming rose. She is a playful, wild and sensual Nymph at heart, embodying enchanting beauty and rich fertility. 


She is truly gifted at holding unconditionally loving space, while simultaneously being a fierce voice for divine truth channeling and a conduit for heart and soul guidance. She welcomes all of you, in the totality of your humanness. She is devoted to the Love of the divine, which is a love the insists on all of you. She will remind you of what Love is and how to open to it ; without expectations, conditions, consequences and implications, where you are held in tenderness, with great reverence and respect, deeply honouring you in your truth.


She has deep respect for sexual energy as a tantric sacred connection and pathway to the divine, she is devoted to unifying the sexual and the sacred, allowing Sex and Spirit to become one to awaken your own bodies capacity for ecstasy and bliss. 


Electra has been studying and practising embodied awakening and Tantra for six years. Studying dance intensively from a young age, has given her a deep and rich understanding of how to work with body wisdom, energy cultivation and ecstatic experience. She has been trained in facilitating breathwork and meditation, and has been practising for the last 7 years. She is also a Traditional Tantra Yoga teacher and is apprenticing in a women’s Mystery school of embodied spirituality and mythology. She is also currently being initiated into the priestess path.


Come fully alive with Electra, alllow her to tenderly soothe and caress you into re-awakening and arousing your connection and remembrance of your authentic self.

Elwood, currently away

Discover a unique world of sacred sensual delights with Aurora. From the moment you meet, there is nothing for you to do but fully drop in and connect with the part of you that wants to let go. Through connecting to your breath and Aurora’s loving touch, you will drop in to your body and access deeper states of bliss that you didn’t know existed that will leave you feeling alive, invigorated and connected to the unlimited universal life force that surrounds us all.


Whether you need a feminine, soft embrace or to feel loving restraint with sacred rope ties, let her take you to a place of no mind and ultimate surrender through ritual breath work and my unique sensual touch experience. Each session with Aurora is heart felt and tailored to your needs, meeting you with where you are at on the day. She is trained in Sweedish relaxation massage, acupressure, tantra, shibari, taoist healing techniques, reiki and aromatherapy. Through intimate and loving presence she will help you awaken your sensual pleasure and erotic energy in a sublime and controlled way, directing this energy throughout your entire being in order for you to access deeper levels of pleasure, happiness and sensual bliss - ultimately connecting you back to your true essence.



Jade is an alluring French Goddess who carries a sweet, sensual and nourishing energy that is very healing to the soul. Absolutely ambrosial in her sessions. Be ready to be heavenly transported into higher realms of Bliss. Feel her passionate devotion and tap into a transcendent nature of beauty.

Allow yourself to be captivated by Jade’s Divine sensuality infused with her genuine love and care. With her seductive French accent, this young beauty flows and radiates Love from her heartfelt presence. She is known for her loving and intimate approach in her Tantric massage sessions. She is also trained in Balinese Massage, Yoga and Reiki.


South Yarra

Ocean creates a deeply loving and intimate sacred space, where you will be able to feel fully comfortable to express yourself just as you are. Her warm touch and caring heart brings opportunity for growth, relaxation and healing. Each session is unique to the next as you begin to learn to open up and trust the mysteries of life.

Devoted to the path of sexual healing and empowerment. Ocean believes the more we are able to open ourselves to the wisdom of our body, the more that life begins to open up for us. In her sessions you will discover new ways of intimacy, embodiment and self expression. She weaves in her knowledge of sacred sex bodywork, energy work, conscious touch and feminine mysteries. 

​Ocean is a multi-dimensional pleasure priestess; she loves to explore the world through nature, travel and conscious relating. She embodies what she teaches, each day an intention to remain curious, playful and open to all things pleasurable. She loves erotic play, exploring desires, heart attuning breath, sacred rope ties and all things sensual. 

Qualified Yoni Massage Therapist, Sacred Sexuality Practitioner, Reiki, Womb & Fertility Massage.


Introducing our amazing male practitioner, Aman

For women and couples only

Aman is deeply caring, sensitive and loves to honour and appreciate all women. He is trained in tantric massage and knows how to ease away tension held in the body. He honours the Divine Feminine in all her expressions and hopes to reveal her radiant being by giving the presence and sacred touch She deserves.

Treat yourself to a Tantric Bodywork + Yoni Temple Session with Aman

60 mins/$200, 75mins/$250, 90mins/$300, 2hours/$400

(2 hours is recommended for a slow and deep experience)

Book online and request your preferred time and day.

Looking for a delicious treat for you and partner? Enquire for a couple's sessions with either our male/female practitioners.

Outcall visits are available and the session can be enjoyed in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

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