Gaia Love Tantra is a collective of experienced, talented, empathetic and intuitive tantric therapists, offering our unique take on Tantra and sacred bodywork. We have a plethora of experience in a variety of sensual healing arts and we continue to widen our knowledge and skills in sacred sexuality and somatic bodywork. We strive to hold a safe and well-held space, acknowledging all expressions and experiences of sexuality.

Each highly experienced therapist has been carefully selected to be a part of our skilled team based on a two key elements. Firstly, the experience, skills and knowledge they hold and secondly, their natural desires and tendencies to genuinely want to help others. Our therapists lead with their hearts and are 100% present in every moment they share with you. It is because of this reason the majority of our clients form genuine bonds with their therapists and become regular clients with us here at Gaia Love Tantra. 

We invite you to completely feel and receive the gifts of deep devotion, divine sensuality and heart-centred presence from one of our alluring members of our team.


For information on sessions and prices, please head to the Delights menu. 

Available Weekdays & Weekends in St Kilda, Melbourne
Booking 1-2 days in advance is highly recommended

Imagine stepping into a sacred space that is being held just for you, where you feel welcomed, wanted, valued and completely adored. A space where you feel so comfortable and at ease that your able to leave all your daily stresses, physical pains and emotional scars or burdens weighing heavy on your heart at the front door. Once you fully surrender to the open space you will then be completely open to receiving the intensely sensual yet divinely nurturing moments with a true sensual goddess.


Together, we can explore your mind and body at depths you didn’t know even existed. Through the synchronicity of tantric breathwork and the loving nurturing touch of my silky soft skin on yours, our journey of tantric exploration together will be something you will find yourself playing over and over in your mind.


No two sessions with me will ever be the same. I intuitively tailor each and every one of my session to meet the individual needs of the person I’m connecting with at the time. Some days you might need a sultry seductress exploding with intense sensual energy and where other days a kinder, softer, more nurturing touch is more what your soul is craving. Together we can help you discover or reconnect with parts of you may have suppressed, or even help explore parts deep within you haven’t felt brave enough to discover yet. The possibilities are endless! Each journey taken with me is a deeply intimate and personal experience and absolute respect and discretion is assured. I look forward to meeting with you xxx

Available Weekdays & Weekends in St Kilda, Melbourne

Meet our stunning new UK goddess Maddie.

Passionate about empowering men to be confident with their sexuality and masculinity Maddie honours and unites the divine masculine and feminine in every soul .
After being in her presence, you are left feeling worshipped, seen, valued and adored, leaving you  feeling more powerful and able.
Maddie creates a sacred space for you to enjoy together giving you the premission needed to open up and feel safe enough to show up as you truely are.
Her feminine goddess flow has a way of alluring you out of yourself, and her beautiful curves have a way of enchanting you while she moves.

Maddie is excited to be a part of our team and we are excited for you to all come and experience her magic for yourslf.
All you must do is arrive open minded, be prepared to enjoy potent pleasure and be willing to let go, surrender and receive so that you may meet your own orgasmic power in the body. 
She is looking forward to connecting with you all soon.


Available Weekdays & Weekends in St Kilda, Melbourne

Sensual, saucy and feminine. Serenity is deeply caring, playful and lovingly present in her sessions, offering her gift of deep feminine connection and soothing touch to allow her clients to deeply surrender to their experience.

During the intimate and loving signature body2body tantric massage she will help you awaken your sensual pleasure and erotic energy in a sublime and controlled way, directing this energy throughout your entire body, in order for you to access deeper levels of pleasure, happiness and sensual bliss. Serenity’s conscious touch and intimate, tender caresses awaken your connection to your heart, the sensitivity and sensuality of your body, your capacity to experience pure pleasure and orgasmic sensations, with ever deepening relaxation.


Available Weekdays & Weekends in St Kilda, Melbourne

Nina is our newest intuitive and nurturing goddess with a passion for sacred touch and sensual healing, Come and feel the glow of her nourishingly warm and sensual energy and allow yourself to be taken on a journey with this magical goddess. Not only will she hold your physically, but Nina will hold space for you energetically, allowing you the permission needed to fully surrender and recieve her beautiful soul nourishing treatments.

Ninas sessions have unique flow and during her sessions you will be taken on a journey into your own body to high states of arousal as well as extreme relaxation. Your stress and tension will melt away and you will leave your session floating back into the world on a cloud of bliss.

If this is something that you would like to experience, dont hesitate to get in touch. Nina is looking forward to connecting with you all soon xx


Available by appointment only.

Alexa is Gaia Love Tantras senior most experienced tantric goddess and has been exploring Tantra for over seven years now.

She is an avid yogi and loves nothing more than human connection. She has completed many trainings over the years including yoga teacher training, ISTA, and various other Tantra practitioner courses. Alexa’s sessions are heavily focused on the breath and she encourages her clients to feel and spread pleasure and excitement all throughout their bodies. She holds a safe space where people are welcomed and celebrated for who they are.


Alexa comes highly recommended to clients who come to us with all different types of sexual dysfunction. She has a magical way way of creating a space of love and acceptance while honoring your mind, body and soul, allowing you to fully surrender and enter a space of deep healing and growth. Her passion to help others is evident not just in her results, but in the way she makes you feel from the moment you step into her presence. A true goddess with the natural gift of healing touch, your time with her will be a journey deep into your heart and body. You will not be disappointed.

Available Weekdays & Weekends in St Kilda, Melbourne

shoulder alexa

A sweet and sensual intuitive, with a hint of spice. Cara is an extremely caring and empathic practioner.

Her desire to combine her training in swedish massage and energy work practices with her passion for devotional and embodied sexuality is what led her to us.. and you to her.

Cara has a naturally warm and calming presence, one that allows you to soften, release and be witnessed in your fullness.

Her intention is one of exploration, tenderness and play. She calls you, back to you in times where it may be easy to forget.

Expect for your entire being to be honoured and held in reverence as she does so for herself and all that surrounds her.

Cara will read your energy with ease, know when to go deep, when to soften.. and intimately what is required as you both explore and relish in the magic and power of vulnerability and connection.

Come and see for yourself. ♡


Available Weekdays & Weekends in St Kilda, Melbourne

Hailing from mysterous lands far far away, we are excited to introduce you to our mystical goddess, Katia.

Katias sessions are uniquely tailored to meet you right where you are. She works closely and slowly with her clients to gauge what it is they are needing, and will structure your session with her accordingly. Never in any rush, Katia works gently and intuitively with devotional, unwavering presence to guide her clients to relinquish shame and reclaim their sexuality. Her practice is inclusive of all bodies, all sexual expressions and all genders. No matter how you identify, you are welcomed and celebrated in her space. If you have special requirements, please let her know. Katia welcomes all loving and caring energies into her precence and will hold a safe space for anyone who is wanting to experience the bliss of being able to completely surrender and recieve. Katia offers one way touch and asks that you respectfully adhere to this. She is looking forward to connecting with you.


Available by appointment for women only

Hey Ladies.
Meet Yussif, our newest asset to the Gaia love Tantra team.  Why not treat yourself to something truely special? 
Allow yourself to be spoilt and adored while you surrender to a truely divine masculine touch. Let Yussif worship your body and soul while you melt away into a journey of luscious blissful sesnations.

  A tantric therapist with gentle masculine traits, he leverages his skills to arouse the feminine energy within his clients.  Hailing from the sand swept deserts of the middle east, he uses his strong hands as exquisite tools to caress and worship you.  No part of you will be neglected, he will treasure every inch of your inner and outer being.  A true Adonis, there is sparsely an area of his body that doesn't feel like polished stone. His signature technique is a mix of Ancient Indian , Thai and Nuru and therapeutic styles combined with his cheeky and charming attitude.

Yussif is capable of finding all your erogenous zones, tapping into your body's unspoken desires and nurturing you into a potent wave of orgasmic release, he does all this with a selfless and caring motive.  He is well trained in the ancient art of the Yoni, deep cervix, G-Spot, Yoni Shiatsu, Nipple and sacred spot methods. His strength allows him to perform certain stretching maneuvers on your body that other therapists simply cannot match.

 Meet him and allow his powerful, yet intuative male essence to lovingly transport you to another life for a timeless and unspeakable experience.

He looks forward to his sacred meeting with you, and can't wait to treasure you like the goddess you are!